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Ch. 15-Test

Eurporean Colonization-Ch. 15

How did Europeans’ way of thinking change during the Renaissance? renewed interest in the art, science, and social and political thought of ancient Greece and Rome
How did the poet Petrarch influence people during the Renaissance in Europe? He encouraged people to study philosophy and literature.
Which was the first country to experience a cultural and economic rebirth in Europe? Italy
What was one effect of the Renaissance invention of the printing press? More people learned to read.
Which of the following effects of the Renaissance continues to affect people today? invention of the watch
Which practice of the Roman Catholic Church led to the Reformation? selling indulgences
What did Europeans hope to find by exploring Africa? gold and other riches
Why did many European countries search for ocean routes to Africa? Land routes were dangerous and costly.
Where is the Cape of Good Hope? on the southern tip of Africa
Why did European explorers conquer regions of the Americas? They were searching for wealth.
Which describes the Columbian Exchange? exchange of goods between the Americas and Europe
How could a colony increase the wealth of the ruling country? by providing new markets that could trade only with the ruling country
Under mercantilism, what did a colony supply to the ruling country? raw materials
Why did European colonists force Native Americans to work for them? They needed people to provide labor.
What system allowed Spanish colonists to demand labor from Native Americans? encomienda
What sequence of events led to the Renaissance? 1. Italy’s city-states grew through trade and commerce. 2. This led to a revived interest in the art, social, scientific, and political ideas.
What differences in religious beliefs brought about the Reformation? 1. The church had become corrupt by selling indulgences. 2. The people should interpret the Bible for themselves.
Why did European countries sponsor explorations to other lands? New trade routes, find gold and other riches, establish colonies, spread Christianity, and increase their power.
What was the Columbian Exchange? Exchange of new diseases, animals, and foods introduced to the Americas from European countries.
Draw and explain how the European country started the Triangular slave trade? 1. European will travel to Africa to buy slaves. 2. European would travel from Africa to the Americas and sell the slaves there. 3. Slave will work and gather raw material and have it shipped back to Europe for manufactoring 4. Process would start again.
Created by: acostavi