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7-9 Religion Test

7th grade

Nativity * Jesus's birth in Bethlehem *Announced by the appearance of the miraculous star
Annunciation *God sent angel Gabriel to Mary to announce God's plan *Asked Mary to the mother of God's Son *Asked how since she is a virgin *accepted God's will
Nicene Creed *Profession of Faith *recite at Mass *came from Arianism
Miracles Some event or happening that is beyond the powers of man or nature *Proof that Jesus' divinity and demonstrates his teachings
Ecumenical Council Called when things with Arianism was out of control- and not believing Jesus could be God. *Nicene's Creed came from this
Evangelists Writers of the gospels- tell us the Holy Spirit came down upon Jesus
Heresies dangerous because they corrupt or destroy man's understanding of the truth which leads us to salvation
Hypostatic union Merging of human and divine natures in the one Divine Person of Jesus
Will of God
Worship The prayer and adoration which we offer God
Good News God's Great Love for Us, and that God sent him as our Savior
Kingdom of God is our greatest blessing
Parable It is a story that uses example to demonstrate a truth
victim something offered to God
mediator a go-between that prays for people (like priest to God on behalf of people)
sacrifice offering or gift, made holy by giving it to God
altar Somewhere for the offering to take place
priest someone to do the offering- is forever- order of Melchizedek
transubstantiation turning bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ
The roles of Christ 1.Prophet- teacher, 2. Priest- offered himself 3. King- Kingdom of God on Earth
Baptisms, Confirmation Sacraments we are called to share in the teachings office of Christ
What stands between us and the Kingdom of God sin
Requirements of a sacrifice 1. priest 2. Victim 3. Alter
Docetism *Hersey that denied the truth that God became man, *Began during apostles, * St. John wrote to show they were wrong * today, not see Jesus as man
Ariansim *Hersey that denied the truth that Jesus is God,second in the holy trinity, *4th century *Began by priest Arius- even priest and bishops can be lead astray- created the Nicene creed from Council of Nicaea
Sacrament of Intiation Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation
Sacrament of Healing Anointing of the Sick, Penance
Sacrament of Service Holy Orders, Matrimony
Levitcus Old testment book dealing with sacrafice
Created by: Flynnfamily
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