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chinese dynastes

All Dynasties

best bronze working civil. in world Shang
human sacrifice Shang
multiple families under dynasty Shang
chung kuo Shang
mandate of heaven Zhou
father-to-son succession Zhou
feudalism Zhou
longest dynasty in Chinese history Zhou
warring states period [475-221 bc] Zhou
Confucius and Laozi Zhou
Shihuangoi "first emperor" of united china Qin
legalism Qin
Great Wall of China Qin
simplified Chinese script Qin
standardized weights/measures Qin
Confusionism primary doctrine Han
civil service exams Han
paper + gunpowder Han
Pax Sinica Han
reunification Sui
begins golden age of china Tang
2nd greatest dynasty Tang
largest land Chinese empire Tang
literature(diamond sutra) Tang
1st printed books Tang
love/hate relationship with Buddhism Tang
remarkable advances in technology, culture, economics song
neo-confucianism is primary doctrine song
military weakens song
compass, moveable type, abucas, song
military use of gunpowder song
concentrate more on china and reject everything foreign song
collapses to mongols song
footbinding for women song
Mongol Dynasty Yaun
1st of 2 foreign dynasties Yaun
Kublia Khun Yaun
extend great canal Yaun
fascinated with Muslim scholars and outside areas which were all present in his court Yaun
mongols bolster position of merchants/artisans Yaun
peasants benefit Yaun
exam system thrown out which makes scholar gentry furious Yaun
state-sponsored oversea trade expeditions Ming
repair and extend great wall Ming
forbidden city built Ming
emperors not seen in public Ming
self imposed isolation Ming
2nd of 2 foreign dynasties and the last Qing
Manchurians Qing
Canton system established for foreign trade Qing
sought to copy Chinese institutions Qing
rapid population increase due to sweet potato Qing
late 1700= decline Qing
cheating on exam system Qing
Opium for British= silver drain Qing
Opium war [1840s] Qing
Taiping Rebellion[1850s-60s] Qing
Boxer Rebellion[1900] Qing
Anti-foreigner sentiment Qing
Defeat in Sino-Japenese war[1894-95] Qing
estbl. by revolution of 1911/Sun Yat Sen Chinese Rep.
inability to reform for peasants and control warlords leads to creation of the communist party[1921] Chinese Rep.
Japanese invasion of Manchuria[1937] leads to ww2 Chinese Rep.
Mao Zedong great leap forward[1958-1960] PRC
cultural rev.[1965-68] PRC
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