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Carr World Studies - Explorers & Trade

The Great Dying The devastation of the American Indian populations by diseases brought over from Europe.
Caravel A new kind of ship that sailed against the wind.
Conquistadors Spanish conquerors of the Americas.
Mercantilism An economic philosophy that favored self-sufficiency, called for stock piling gold and silver, encouraged exports, and discouraged exports.
Middle Passage The route taken by European ships with enslaved Africans to the New World.
Reasons to Explore Find new resources, get rich from trading, and personal glory.
The Black Death Trade helped Europe recover from this.
Reasons NOT to explore If you sail across the equator you will burn up, if you sail into the horizon you will fall off the edge of the earth, and sea monsters.
Marco Polo Explorer who traveled with his father over the land to China from Europe when he was only 14.
Vasco De Gama Portuguese explorer who believed that sailing around Africa was the best route to India.
Christopher Columbus Italian explorer who was financed by Spain and discovered and named the island of San Salvador, instead of arriving in India as planned.
Ferdinand Magellan The explorer who has been credited with being the first to sail around the world, although he was actually killed and never completed the journey.
Disease The principal cause of death among American Indians after the arrival of the explorers and settlers from Europe.
Circumnavigate to go around (the world)
Role of religion in European exploration Europeans wanted to bring Christianity to non-Christians.
Items traded FROM Europe TO America Cows, sheep, pigs, horses, iron weapons, swords, knives, guns, shields, armor, cannons, swords, hatchets, diseases
Items traded FROM America to Europe Chocolate, cocoa, corn, tobacco, potatoes, tomatoes, sugar cane, sugar, gold, silver, diseases.
9 factors that led to European dominance Advanced weapons, caravel, Christianity, conquistadores, the Great Dying, mercantilism, Middle Passage, sugar, and trade.
Created by: mrsdianacarr