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Contact Term 4

Dendritic Keratitis fernlike projection on the cornea from herpes simplex
Depth Perception ability to perceive the solidarity of objects and their relative position in space; also called stereoscopic vision
Detached Retina Complete or partial separation of the retina from choroid
Dimple Veiling Air bubbles that develop beneath a contact lens that cause small indentations in the corneal epithelium
Diopter Unit of measure of strength or refractive power of lenses
Diplopia seeing of one object as two
Distichiasis Lashes growing from the openings of meibomian glands
Dk/l Amount of oxygen transmission per unit thickness of a contact lens
Dyslexia difficulty in reading either in recognition of letters or interpretation in spite of good vision in either eye
Dystrophy Abnormal or defective development; degeneration
Endophthalmitis Sinking of the eyeball into the orbit
Entropian Turning inward of the eye
Ecchymosis Bleeding into the tissues, resulting in discoloration under the skin; a bruise
Ectropion An eversion or turning outward of the eyelid
Emmetropia Refractive condition of the normal eye; when eye is at rest, the image of distant objects is brought to a focus on the retina
Enucleation Complete surgical removal of the eyeball
Eviseration Removal of an eyeballs contents; leaving the scleral shell and sometimes the cornea intact. Usually for reducing pain to a blind eye.
Exophthalmos Abnormal protrusion of the eyeball
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