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Wrld History Ch. 15

Prentis Hall World Connections to Today

Portugal gained control of the spice trade between Europe and Asia through military conquest.
Why were the islands around Southeast Asia so important? All seaborne trade between China and India had to pass through the straits.
What natural occurrence regularly delayed trade ships in Southeast Asian ports? monsoons
What did Prince Henry hope to accomplish by embodying the new spirit of exploration? to spread Christianity and find the source of African gold.
Why were the Chinese interested in trading with Europeans in the 1500s? They considered European goods inferior to Chinese goods.
In the 1400s, who controlled most of the trade between Asia and Europe? Muslin and Italian merchants
How did the astrolabe help sailors? It determined latitude when at sea.
What country financed christopher Columbus's voyage to sail across the Atlantic? Spain
Besides producing spices, India was the world leader in textile manufacturing
What was the most valued trade item in Europe during the 1400s? spices
Which events allowed Vietnam to break free from China? the collapse of the Tang dynasty
What nation led the way to exploration? Portugal
What led Korea to isolate itself from outside influences in the 1600s? invasion by the Japanese and the Manchus
In the 1600s, the Portuguese lost control of trade in the Indian Ocean to the Dutch
Why did the Vietnamese adopt many Chinese ideas? China ruled Vietnam for 1000 years.
Which Portuguese explorer sailed around the southern tip of Africa to India? Vasco da Gama
Which group defeated the Ming dynasty in 1644? Qing dynasty
Why did the Mughal empire in the 1700s? Weak rulers and civil war brought a decline in power and an increase in foreign control.
Why did European nations seek a sea route to Asia? They wanted to bypass the trading routes controlled by foreign powers and gain access to the goods from Asia.
What different motives led Europeans to explore the oceans? To gain wealth, to lead crusades against Muslims, to learn about other lands, to spread Christianity.
What was the Line of Demarcation? The line that divided the non-European world between Spain and Portugal
Why was Magellan's voyage of 1519-1522 important? It discovered a westward path to Asia.
How did Christianity spread to the Philippines? Catholic priests converted the Filipinos after the Spanish conquest of the Philippines.
Which 2 European nations competed for influence in India? Britain and France.
What important policy did Japanese leaders follow between 1638 and 1853? strict isolation from other nations.
Why were spices such valued trading goods in the 1400s? They helped preserve and flavor food and meant huge profits for merchants.
Why did the Korea pursue a policy of isolation? A Japanese invasion devastated Korea. The low status of merchants caused Korea to look down on foreign traders.
Why did the Japanese policy toward trade and foreigners change over time? At first the Japanese needed the weapons they got from Europe. Later they felt that the Christian missionaries brought death and problems.
How did the Portuguese gain control of the spice trade? They waged war on towns along the coast attacking them with guns and cannons.
Why did Mughal power decline? Civil wars and corruption in the government.
How did geography make Southeast Asia of strategic importance? Sea trade/travel had to pass through this area which meant that it was very valuable.
How did the Chinese influence Vietnam? Han armies controlled Vietnam for 1,000 years introducing the civil service system, language, and Daoist beliefs.
Why did European nations seek a sea route to Asia? They wanted to bypass the existing trading routes controlled by foreign powers and gain direct access to the spices and other goods of Asia.
Why did Columbus decide to sail westward? He wanted to reach the Indies by sailing west across the Atlantic.
What Influence did Columbus' voyages have on other explorers? He found previously unknown continents and expanded Spain's trading and exploration rights.
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