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Unit 3 Vocabulary

Absolutism and the Enlightenment

1. Absolute monarchies
2. Centralized Power
3. Divine right
4. Louis XIV
5. Estates General
6. Palace of Versailles
7. Peter the Great
8. Westernization
9. St. Petersburg
10. Czar
11. James I
12. Parliament
13. Magna Carta
14. Elizabeth I
15. Charles I
16. English Civil War
17. Oliver Cromwell
18. Military Dictatorship
19. Charles II
20. Glorious Revolution
21. William and Mary
22. English Bill of Rights of 1689
23. Constitutional Monarchy
24. Enlightenment
25. Age of Reason
26. Philosophes
27. Thomas Hobbes
28. Leviathan
29. John Locke
30. Two Treatises on Government
31. Natural Rights
32. Montesquieu
33. The Spirit of Laws
34. Voltaire
35. Candide
36. Jean-Jacques Rousseau
37. The Social Contract
38. Salons
39. Thomas Jefferson
40. Declaration of Independence
41. U.S. Constitution
42. U.S. Bill Of Rights
43. Johann Sebastian Bach
44. Baroque
45. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
46. Classical
47. All-weather Roads
48. New Farming Tools
49. New Ship Design
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