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6 - Greece Vocab

Ancient Greece Vocabulary

peninsula a body of land nearly surrounded by water
harbor a protected place along the coast often used to protect boats & ships at anchor
polis Greek city
acropolis walled hill at the center of a city fortified for protection
agora an open marketplace within the city
commodity product for trading
citizen a person with rights and responsibilities within his or her country
monarchy rule of government by one person (often a king or queen)
oligarchy rule of government by a small group of the rich and powerful
democracy rule of government by the people
Homer Greek poet, wrote the Iliad & the Odyssey
epic long poem that tells the story of a legendary hero or historical figure
Parthenon marble temple to Athena in Athens
assembly lawmaking body that consists of voting citizens
Pericles leader of Athens who helped all citizens (rich & poor) participate in government
jury group of citizens who make decisions in a court of law
philosophy search for wisdom and the right way to live
Socrates philosopher who taught to always question those in authority, he was sentenced to death for corrupting the youth
Plato student of Socrates, philosopher who also became a teacher
Peloponnesian War war between Athens and Sparta, war won by Sparta but most of the city
Philip II ruler of Macedonia who conquered much of Greece
phalanx small, organized group of soldiers
orator a person skilled at public speaking
Alexander ruler of Macedonia (son of Phillip)
Aristotle famous philosopher of Athens and Alexander's teacher
Hellenism culture that was mostly Greek, but also included Asian and African traditions
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