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Spanish American War

See how much you know about the war!

Which country was once the most powerful colonial nation on earth, but by the end of the 19th century lost most of its colonies? Spain
Emilio Aguinaldo was... A Filipino freedom fighter
Which country owned Alaska before it became a U.S. territory? Russia
What was the main reason why America wanted the Panama canal to be built? To reduce travel time from the Atlantic and Pacific ocean.
The U.S. became an imperialist nation with interests in the Caribbean, Central America, the Far East and the South Pacific following what war? The Spanish American War!
What was the name of the ship that blew up in Havana Harbor, starting the Spanish American War? U.S.S. Maine
Why was Cuba fighting Spain? To gain their independence
Cuba is located where? an island off the coast of Florida
Who was the Admiral that defeated the entire Spanish fleet in the Pacific? George Dewey. Very famous man and he had gum named after him!
What 3 territories did the US gain from Spain? Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Phillippines
Which amendment granted Cuban independence and recognition from both the US and Spain? Platt Amendment
How long did the war last? 4 months, April through August
Who led the Rough Riders in a charge up San Juan hill? Teddy Roosevelt
The U.S. paid Spain $20 million dollars for what island? Phillippines
What year? 1898
Where was the U.S.S. Maine when it exploded? Havana
What was one of the factors in McKinley's decision to ask Congress to declare war ?????against Spain? Newspaper publishers were putting pressure on McKinley
What is the name of the treaty the officially ends the war? The treaty of Paris
What did the US not receive as the result of its victory over Spain?? Cub, they got their independence
Imperialism affected almost the entire continent of...? Africa!
When Emilio Aguinaldo realized that the US did not intend to give full independence to this country after the war, he led a revolt against the US in what place? THe Phillipenes islands
Which of the following was NOT a reason the US sided with spain in their fight for independence? a) yellow journalism b) The sinking of USS maine c) The Spanish stole the Philippines from the US c) The Spanish stole the Philippines fro the U.S.
What is the practice called where one country extends a nation's power by gaining territories for a colonial empire? Imperialism
What new relationship with Hawaii did Congress approve in 1898? Annexation
Yellow Journalists created support for the war by writing articles about the...? Sinking of the US Maine battleship in Havana Harbor.
Created by: summeronboat