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ANS of Blad. and Sex

Autonomics for Bladder and Sexual Function

Difference between inner and external sphincter ? * External has striated muscle, so we can control it
sympathetic stimulation does what to the urinary bladder ? * help with filling
Parasympathetic ? * help with urinating
The bladders somatic efferent nerve fibers originate from ? * the pudendal nucleus of S2-S4 and supply the external periurethral sphincter
The external sphincter is under ______ control ? * is under voluntary control
SNS innervation ? * hypogastric nerve, L2
PNS ? * pelvic nerves, S2-3 (sensory afferents)
Filling of the urinary bladder ? * Sympathetics activated..... * Relax the detrusor muscle by Activating beta2 receptors..... * Contract the trigone and internal sphincter by activating alpha1 receptors
Emptying of the urinary bladder ? * Parasympathetics activated ...... * Contract the detrusor muscle by Activating M receptors...... * Relax the trigone and internal sphincter by Activating M receptors.........* Same receptor has two different functions here
Causes Micturition ? * Is a spinal refelx...... * Stretch receptors in the urinary bladder send afferent message to the spinal cord at sacral level and PNS sends efferent message to contract the detrusor muscle, and relax the trigone and internal sphincter
How we have a Micturition Reflex ? (choosing when we go and when we don't) * brainstem and cortex ( superimposed higher brain center efferents) either let you void or not based on if it is the right time to go, even though stretch receptors says to void
Basic Urination Rule ? * P = parasympathetics and No P = sympathetics
If you have Sacral cord damage ? * get No reflex and see Overflow dribbling .... * due to losing S2 and S3 to let you know the bladder is full
Suprasacral cord damage (lumbar/sacral region) ? * Reflex intact but no higher imputs for initiation ..... * In some, Reflex may return after initial trauma...... * may have to use a Cath to void
Uninhibited neurogenic bladder = ? * Damaged higher brain centers for inhibition ...... * Any filling stretch initiates reflex unination of small volumes
Male Erection, Emission, Ejaculation nerves involved ? * PNS causes vessels to engorge.... * SNS then closes int sphincter and causes contraction of male products in urethra.... * SNS contracts muscle to expel semen... **Point and Shoot**
Female Stimulation nerve pathway ? * PNS = engorges labia and clit.... * PNS and SNS = secrete lubrication and prepares for orgasm....Higher brain centers are involved in EVERY step (stimulate the mind to put in mood, opposite of us guys)
Female Sexual Function Rule ? * P -- PS -- PS I Love You -- Normal is Variable
Created by: thamrick800