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Dvlpt of Asia Test

Development of Asia Test Study Guide

Nationalism love for one’s country; often leads to independence movements
Colonialism when one country takes over another country
Civil disobedience a nonviolent way to protest government laws
Red Guards teenaged enforcers of the Cultural Revolution
Great Leap Forward Mao’s attempt to make China more competitive with western industry and agricultural production; massive failure
Cultural Revolution Mao’s attempt to revitalize communism in China by using the Red Guards to eliminate anyone that opposed communism; time of great chaos
Domino Theory the theory that if one country fell to communism, other countries nearby would also fall to communism
Communism government in which the government provides jobs, heath care, and housing; everyone is equal
DMZ the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea; along the 38th parallel
Mohandas Gandhi nonviolent leader of Indian Independence movement
Ho Chi Minh leader of Vietnam’s independence movement; leader of communists in Vietnam
Douglas MacArthur US General in charge of rebuilding Japan after WWII
Mao Zedong leader who brought communism to China
Which country colonized India? Great Britain
How did Gandhi lead the independence movement in India? Be able to list at least three specific examples of Gandhi’s protests. Nonviolent protests (civil disobedience); Salt March, boycotts, made own clothing, fasting
Why was India partitioned following independence? Religious conflict between Hindus and Muslims
Which country colonized Vietnam? France
Which modern-day countries were part of French Indochina? Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam
On which 2 Japanese cities did the US drop atomic bombs during WWII? Hiroshima and Nagasaki
What were some of the changes that were included in Japan’s new constitution? Citizens could vote; Japan had to have a small army; Japan could not start another war; emperor lost his power
What type of government does Japan have now? Constitutional monarchy
What were students protesting for at Tiananmen Square in 1989? How did the government respond? Students wanted democracy in China; the government sent soldiers and tanks to arrest/kill the protestors
What happened in China after WWII? Civil War between nationalists and communists (communists won)
Why did the Korean War begin? How did it end? North Korea invaded South Korea; ceasefire ended the fighting, but a treaty was never signed; North and South Korea remain divided
Why did the Vietnam War begin? How did it end? North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam; Vietnam was reunited under communist rule
How was the United States involved in rebuilding Japan after WWII? Be able to list at least 4 examples. Citizens could vote; Japan had to have a small army; Japan could not start another war; emperor lost his power; the Us helped rebuild roads and infrastructure
Created by: MsBentley