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gyn-infx uterine dis

endometritis is most commonly seen when? after C-section
endometritis is a _______ infection polymicrobial
basics of dxing acute endometritis uterine tenderness, fever >100.4 on 2nd/3rd day postpartum, elevated WBC, recent hx of procedure, foul smell of vaginal discharge
tx of endometritis of postpartum pts and pts who have not recently been pregnant postpartum: IV antibiotics (clinda and gent until 24hrs afebrile) others: PID protocol
chronic endometritis dx and tx? dx: endometrial biopsy, tx: doxycycline x10-14d
general term for bacterial infx of the female pelvic organs PID
main organisms of PID N. gonorrhoeae and C. trachomatis
PID can lead to what? infertility and increased risk of ectopic pregnancy; pelvic adhesions, chronic pelvic pain and dyspareunia
PID RUQ pain may indicate what? spread of infx to the liver
CDC diagnostic criteria for PID hx of pelvic or low abd pain in sexually active women, +CMT, no competing dx
a pt that does not have the hx of pain but has discharge and CMT would likely be dx with what? cervicitis
admit PID pt if... HIV +, tubo-ovarian abscess present, prego, didn't respond to outpt therapy, cannot follow outpt therapy, severe illness, N/V, or high fever, other surgical emergency not ruled out (appendicitis)
outpt tx of PID ceftriaxone IM + doxy x14d (add Metronidazole if they have Trich). TREAT PARTNER!
a complication arising from persistent PID tubo-ovarian abscess
how does a pt w/ tubo-ovarian abscess present? w/ PID plus an adnexal or rectouterine pouch mass or fullness and usually has a fever and leukocytosis
test of choice for dx of tubo-ovarian abscess? US
tx of tubo-ovarian abscess? pt admitted to hospital for IV abx and possible surgical excision
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