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Religion 9

Relgion 9

sacrifice an offering, or gift, made holy by giving to God
First Sacrifices Cain- brought Fruit Abel- brought firstlings of his flocks
Who's sacrifices did God accept? Abel- God does not only look at what is offered, but at the heart of the one making the offering
Book of Leviticus tells us that sacrifice were commanded by God as a way of showing sorrows for sin
3 important things of sacrifice 1. gifts must be offered with pure or sinless heart 2. Offering is a thanksgiving to God for his blessings 3. Offering of sacrifices shows sorrow for sin or for forgiveness
3 Requirements of sacrifice 1. a priest- someone to do the offering 2. a victim- someone to be offered 3. an alter- somewhere for this offering to take place
Perfect Priest Jesus because he is the sinless Son of God
Perfect Victim Jesus is because he is sinless and freely offered himself
Altar of Jesus Cross and the Table of Last Supper- where Jesus gave his Body and Blood
Sacrifice of the Last Supper Consummated on the cross one priest, on victim one sacrifice. Made up for every sin and reconciled us
Resurrection Showed God accepted the sacrifice of his son
Why Jesus is awesome Jesus redeemed us Jesus Atoned us Jesus dispensed Grace Jesus saved us
Mediator Go-between that prays for people a priest is one, when he prays to God on behalf of all people
in persona Christi Priest represents God in person with Christ
Perfect Mediator- One true mediator Jesus is both Man and God- perfect go-between of God and man Jesus- sacrifice on the cross he prays for man
incarnation God the son becomes man in the Divine Person like us but in sin
hypostatic union union of human and the divine nature
other mediators Mary- mediatrix intercession of saints
Role of Communion of Saints through prayers of intercession * faithful on earth can pray for others faithfuls on earth or souls in purgatory *souls in purgatory can pray for the faithful on earth * the saints in heaven can pray for souls in purgatory or faithful on earth
Melchizedek king of Salem (later Jerusalem) priest offered bread and wine
Transubstantiation turning bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ
Priest ordained ordained into the Order of Melchizedek is for forever
Sacraments 7 of them ability to effect grace
Sacrament of Initiation Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation
Sacrament of Healing Penance Anointing of the Sick
Sacrament of Service Holy Orders Matrimony
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