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abduct, abduction a drawing away from the midline
adduct, adduction a drawing toward the midline
aberrant wandering or deviating from the normal course
apparent open to view, appearing as actual to the eye or mind
aberration deviation from normal growth or development
abrasion scrape
absorption the uptake of substances into tissues
adsorption to collect in condensed form on a surface
accept to receive something, to receive with favor, to answer affirmatively, to take up, assume
except other than, but, only, to leave out
access a means of approach, to obtain entrance into
abscess collection of purulent exudate
axis straight line that goes through a structure
aphthous small ulcer on mucous membranes
excess more than usual
ACE acronym for angiotensin-converting enzyme
Ace brand name of a bandage
ace a type of card played in a deck of cards
achymosis lack in gastric juice or other digestive secretions
ecchymosis a purplish patch caused by extravasation of blood into the skin
echinosis a condition in which the red blood cells have lost their smooth outlines, resembling a sea urchin
acidic an acid-like substance
ascitic a collection of fluid in the abdomen
acetic sour
adherence act or quality of sticking to something, extent to which the patient continues the agreed-upon mode of treatment under limited supervision
adherent one that adheres, as a follower of a leader, party or profession
advice recommend regarding a decision, an opinion
advise to offer advice, counsel
aesthetic pertaining to the sense of beautiful, artistic
asthenic weakness or debility, thin delicate body habitus, slender build
affect an emotional feeling, tone and mood attached to a thought
effect the result or consequence of an action
afferent conveying towards a center
efferent conveying away from a center
agonist drugs that stimulate activity of cell molecules in a way that would be stimulated by naturally produced substances
antagonist a substance that inhibits or counteracts the action of another substance
aid to provide assistance
aide an assistant
all together many together, all at the same time
altogether completely, entirely, all included
alkalosis a state characterized by a decrease in the hydrogen ion concentration of arterial blood below normal level, 40 nmol/L or pH 7.4
ankylosis stiffening or fixation of a joint as the result of a disease process, with fibrous or bony union across the joint
all the whole, everything, everybody
awl instrument for making holes
all ready implies something is ready
already used as an adverb referring to time
allude to make indirect reference to, mention casually or in passing
elude to get away from, evade, to escape detection
allusion indirect reference
elusion clever escape
illusion misleading or unreal perception
amenorrhea abnormal stoppage of the menses
menorrhea the normal discharge of the menses
anatomic relating to the human anatomy or body location
atomic nuclear particles
anicteric not jaundiced, not yellow
icteric relating to or marked by jaundice, yellow color present
anisocoria a condition in which the two pupils are not of equal size.
anisophoria the relative unequal directions assumed by the eyes during binocular fixation of a given object in the absence of an adequate fusion stimulus
anterior before, in front of
interior within, inside
anuresis absence of urine formation
enuresis involuntary discharge or leakage of urine
any more pertaining to volume
anymore pertaining to time
aphagia inability to eat
aphakia absence of the lens of the eye
aphasia loss of the power of expression by speech, writing or signs
abasia inability to walk
apophysis an outgrowth or projection, especially one from a bone; a bony process or outgrowth that lacks and independent center of ossification
epiphysis a part of a long bone developed from a center of ossification distinct from that of the shaft and separated at first from the latter by a layer of cartilage
appose set one thing beside another
oppose to be on the opposite side of a debate or argument
apposition the placing in contact of 2 substances, being fitted together
opposition contrary action or condition
appraised to determine the value
apprised to inform
apraxia inability to perform understood tasks
ataxia uncoordinated movement
arrhythmia variation from the normal rhythm of the heartbeat
erythema redness of the skin
arteriosclerosis thickening and loss of elasticity of arterial walls
arteriostenosis narrowing of the caliber of an artery
atherosclerosis deposits of plaques on the inside of the artery
atherosclerotic the condition of atherosclerosis
escharotic caustic or corrosive
aseptic free from contamination (sterile)
a septic referring to sepsis - presence of toxins in blood or tissue
assess to analyze
axis a straight line joining 2 opposing poles of a spherical body, also the 2nd cervical vertebra
assure to make sure of
ensure to make certain of
insure to guarantee proctection
atopic relating to atopy (allergy)
ectopic out of place
aura subjective symptoms during a seizure
aural pertaining to the ear
oral pertaining to the mouth
auscultation listening to the sounds make by various body structures
oscillation a to and fro movement
averted to turn away or aside
everted turned outward
inverted reversed in position or order
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