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Latin Am History

Latin American History

Who was the dictator of Cuba during the Cuban Revolution? Fulgencio Batista
Name one Latin American country that has a command economy. Cuba
What type of government did Fidel Castro create in Cuba? communist
What two countries were involved in the Bay of Pigs? Cuba and the United States
What type of economic trade barrier did the United States impose on Cuba after the Cuban Missile Crisis? An embargo
What is an embargo A complete stop of all trade with a country, usually for political purposes
Who overthrew Fulgencio Batista? Fidel Castro
What two countries colonized most of Latin America? Spain and Portugal
What does NAFTA stand for? North American Free Trade Agreement
How did the Zapatistas think NAFTA would negatively impact the indigeneous people of Mexico? the low prices would make it hard for the poor farmers to make a living
What types of things were exchanged during the Columbia Exchange? Plants, food, animals, weapons, diseases
What was the predominant religion of Latin America when the Spanish were in power? Catholic
What three countries are involved in NAFTA? United States, Canada, Mexico
What is the purpose of NAFTA? to provide a free trade zone for the United States, Canada, and Mexico they do not charge each other tariffs.
Created by: angela.higgs