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Amin Vocabulary

Vocabulary from Wicked History Biography Idi Amin

Archbishop In some Christian religions, a very high ranking priest
Armory A place where weapons are stored or soldiers are stationed
Assassinate To murder a well known or important person
Bankruptcy The state of being in financial ruin and unable to pay ones debts
Captivity The state of being imprisoned or enslaved
Charismatic Having a powerful personal appeal
Colony A territory that has been settled by people from another country and is controlled by that country
Constitution The system of laws in a country that states the rights of people and powers of the government
Controversial Giving rise or likely give rise to public disagreement
Corpse Dead body
Coup A sudden and illegal takeover of the government
Court–Martial A criminal trial for the member of the military
Democracy A system of government in which the people hold the power either directly or by voting to elect representatives
Desertion The crime of abandoning military duty
Destabilize To make unstable
Dismemberment The act of cutting off a persons’ limbs
Exile The state of being kicked out of ones’ home land
Kabaka The traditional ruler of Buganda, a kingdom in southern Uganda
Machete A long heavy knife with a long blade
Mandazi A doughnut like pastry, popular in east Africa
Muslim A person who follows the religion of Islam
Mutilate To damage or injure someone or something easily
Ominous Signaling a coming evil
Parliament An assembly of elective representatives who make the laws in some countries
Prejudiced Having a fixed, unfair, opinion of someone based on their race, gender, nationality, or other characteristics
Primeminister The head of the government in a country with a parliamentary system; most countries with prime minister have both governments and a head of state
Province A district or region of some countries
Reprimand An official scolding
Republic A system of government in which the people choose their leaders in free elections
Rout To defeat completely and quickly
Sanctuary A safe place
Submission The act of surrendering to the will or authority of a superior force of another person
Suppress To hide something or stop it from happening
Terrorist A person who uses violence of threats to achieve a political goal
Tyrant A person who rules in a cruel or unjust way
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