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Stalin Vocabulary

Vocabulary from Wicked History Biography Stalin

Apprehension Suspicion or fear that something will happen
Assassination The murder of a well known or important person
Bolsheviks Russian Marxists who established the communist soviet union after the Russian tsar was overthrown in 1917
Capitalists As defined by Karl Marx the people of a society who own the businesses factories and land
Cheka The security organization that Lenin formed to hunt down political opponents of the soviet regime
Collectivization During stalins regime the process of forcing farmers onto huge collective farms owned by the government
Commissar Until 1946 the head of the government department in the Ussr
Communism A system in which the government owns all land and property and controls the economic and political lives of the citizens
Communist A person supporting the communist party of the Soviet Union, China or another communist country
Confiscate To seize someone’s property or possession
Counter-Revolutionary In the soviet union a person who opposes the changes brought on by the communist party after the Russian revolution
Dacha A Russian country house usually used in the summer
Democracy A system of government in which the people hold the power either directly or through electing representatives
Deport To expel someone from his or her homeland
Depose To forcefully remove from office
Duma The legislative body in Russia between 1906 and 1917
Exile The state of being kicked out of one’s homeland
Famine A serious and widespread lack of food
Gulags Labor camps in the soviet union from the 1930 to the 1955
Illiterate Not able to read or write
Kolkhoz A collective farm in the Soviet Union
Kulak In the soviet union a class of peasants who were considered better off the the other peasants they were persecuted during collectivization
Manifesto A public declaration of principles
Marxism The political and economic theories of Karl Marx. Marx predicted capitalism would be replaced by a classless society
Okhrana The secret police of tsarist Russia in the late 1800s and the early 1900s
Paranoid Intentionally suspicious
Parliament An assembly of elected representatives who makes the laws in some countries
Provisional Temporary or interim
Purge The removal or elimination of members of a group who are perceived to be disloyal
Radical Advocating extreme political change
Revolutionary A person who supports the overthrow of his or her government
Russian-Orthodox Describing the major church of Christianity in Russia
Saboteur Someone who deliberately damages or destroys property to hinder the enemy’s war efforts
Sadistic Taking pleasure from hurting others
Smallpox A serious, very contagious disease that causes high fever and skin eruptions that can leave permanent scars
Soviet An elected council of workers
Tsar The emperor of Russia before the revolution of 1917
Tundra Land near the arctic circle where there are no trees
Tyrannical Ruling others in cruel or unjust ways
Vigilante Describing a self-appointed group of citizens who take law enforcement into their own hands, without legal authority
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