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Which areas have absolutism before the revolutions western Europe and Russia
What area is consitional monarchy England
Liberal progressive
Europe wars 1600s and 1700s for land
Dutch vs Spanish/Portuguese in Americas and asia
British vs Dutch both protestant
Severn year war (1756-1765) French vs England
How did they collect taxes
what did the scientific revoultuion cause to human nature, gov and
Jhon Locke Philosphes reasonable people, natural rights, limited gov if gov fails destroy then destroy
Jean Jaques Rosseau gov should have min control subordinate to community
Volitare met with the China Emperor Monarchy should use enlightment to change
Patronized Enlghitment Catherine the great of Russia and Fedricj the great of Prussia
How were women involved with the enlightment opened salons that allowed debate
where was the enlightment popular to the elite Americas were the enlightment can grow Benjamen franklin helped
What was protest in Europe taxes for war
When did the American revolution 1775-1800
What did England have problems in native americans, get money to fight france
Proclamation of 1763 discourage moving west
Quebect Act of 1774 try to limit native contact in ohio
What are the new taxes in the colonies stamps act- tax on items (boycotted) Tonwshed tac- indirect tax (boycottes, cause sons of liberty) Taxation without representation
Boston Massacare 1770 protesting over jobs with british and bostions
East Indian Company monopoly on tea tea tax, boston tea party (lead by sons of liberty)
Intolerable acts punishment on boston 1. Boston harbor was shot 2. Millitary sent to massacussets
Continetal congress 1776 made a currency and army for the colonies led by G. Washington
Art of speaking common sense written by Thomas paine decleration of independence Thomas Jefferson
Patriots and loyalist slaves on loyalist sides armendians on both
Allies fro America france provided navy spain and dutch
when does American revolution ends in 1778 with victory in Yorktown va when wasghinton defeast general cornwells
Treaty of paris proved American independence
Articles of confederation first gov of usa
Constinuional convention of 1787 2nf form of gov formed bill of rights, and constitution, taxes minority voted white land owning men
Who ruled france before the revolution absolutist king lui the 16th
how was france dvied 1. clergy 1% (born into) 2.nobility 1% (born into) 3. Bourgouise peasents ( pay taxes) 3.
National assembly 3rd estate form their own political group to get fairness
what causes the decleration of rights of man king wants to arrest national assembly and they made the rights makes constiunital monarchy
What symbolized the start of the French revolution storming of Bastil 1789
What hapoened to the king and queen of france kidnapped
who threatned to intervene with france Austria and prusia ( Prussia king is brother of franc) causes war in 1791
The terror 1793 - 1794 national convention/assembly lead by jacboins killed any clergy or noble
Maximillien Robespierre national convention member out spoken baned religion catholic, was arrested after terror ended
What was the directory frances new gov
What singled the end of the republic phase of the revolution suspension of election
When was popular authoritarinsm confirmed the reign of napoleon
Order of revolutions American, French, hati
Napoleans reform wanted equality concordat of 1801- protection of property right, no classes, reduction of state authority stay away from church
civil code of 1804 no privilege based on borth freedom of religion
what did napoleon put restriction on womern and speech
when is napoleon defeated in 1814
Hatian revolution 1789-1850
Sint Dominique colony of frnace, richest because of sugar , brutal, mixed raced babies
what lead to revolution in Haiti insablity in france
Francois Dominique Toussaint freed slave, lead the revolution
when did hati earn its independence 1804 Napoloean vs Russian yellow fever infected
Congress of Vienna and conservative retrechmaent 1815-1820 no more napoleon try to rebuild france
Congress of Vienna Britian,(constunitoal) Russia, Prussia and Austria (absolutist) met in Vienna
what were the viennas goals 1. rebuild Europe borders 2. suppress any revolutions
what did the Vienna goals result in holy alliance repressed liberal and nationalists suppressed spain and Italy revolutions
Dmocratic reform movements u.s war in 1812 britian vs us to protect American sailors franch and brotoan fought affected American trade treaty of Ghent
britian corn laws increased taxes on grains, encouraged people to vote
revolutions in 1848 france (threw out monarchy again) Prussia and Austria
Industrial revolution 1760-1851
French revolution 1789-1799
Causes of industrial revolution population growth, agriculture revolution, trade and inventierness
Why did pop grow in 18 century more food from na more people early marriage medicine
England and wales more kids
what happened to the farmers since the rich could only invest in new crops moved them out
Britian and continental Europe during industrial revolution econmicall strong, strong navy, iron,coal (fuel manufacturing) worlds largest merchant marine , fluid social structure, highly developed sector
what did the war of 1812 cause industrilaztion in the Americas to speed up
where did industrilazation first take place in Europe after 1815 beligum and france
Mass production of what product pottery imported from china or handmade aristocrats could buy high because of tea and coffee
Joshua wedgewood opened pottery business
High demand for what textile cotton
1760 revolution for cotton spinng jenny, water frame, the mule became amercias most valuable product
What did the british ivent to make cheaper iron coke-extracting carbon from ash puddling- creating steal from iron
Interchangable parts saved money fierarms, sweing machines, equipment
What was the most significant invention steam engine
Thomas newcome 1702-1712 made inefficient steam engine to tak out water from coal mines
james witt 1769 improved and manufactured the steam engine could be placed anywhere used to power river boats oceangoing steam boats
what will the steam engines to for EuropE go deeper in Africa
what did railiroads transport parshible foods, people
Richard Trevithick and George Stephenson 1800 built railroad made more jobs
railway mania britian from 1825-1845 us 1840-50s Midwest opened
Railways triggered iron and coal in france Belgium the rhor ans skesia
Impact of industrial revolution rapid growth, megalopisis,
how did industrialization relieve preseur eon English environment used coal and iron instead of wood
New transportaions canals and railroads
Textile mills were most common in Europe and us and sent to Africa
Labor union people at a job contribute a part of their paycheck for good lawyers to give best conditions
Irish biggest immigrants in Europe and America to work
Increase d\emand for slaves why because textile mills were in demand needed more cotton in us, brazil, caribean
trans atlantic trade by 1808 illegal
middle class was stable skilled moral code
Lazze Faire made by adam smith English ecomist made invisible hand theory- things will work out
whats lazzie faire in business there should be no gov involment adam believed that business will be fair
Thoams Maltha and David Ricardo ecomoist/ philosphers think its to overpopulated believe a natural disaster will occur
what do Thomas and david do to prove their idea late marriage, sexual restraint, make medicine expensive
Critics Lazie Fare why business will do whatever they want jermey from britian and Fedrich list Germany
Positivistism theory that science and tech should solve all problems
Utopian societs perfect societys
who developed positivism saint simon of france
Charles Fourier believes utopian society is perfect and capitalism is eveil;
Robert owen makes limitations on his buisnessn reforms textile mills
How did workers respong to working conditons fromed labor unions protest
British investigatiom of abuses limits working hours factory works of 1833
mines act of 1842 age limit
repeal of corn laws 1846 used voting for change
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