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Mao Vocabulary

glossary terms from Wicked History Mao Biography

Alliance An agreement to join forces and work together
Anarchy A situation with no order and no one in control
Annihilation Complete destruction
Bolsheviks Russian Marxists who established the communist soviet union after the Russian tsar was over thrown in 1917
Commune In china during the great leap forward, a huge farm that was made up of smaller cooperatives; thousands of people lived together there, sharing all the land , possessions, and responsibilities
Communism A system in which the government owns all land and property and controls the economic and political lives of the citizens
Communist A person supporting the communist party of china, the soviet union , or another communist country
Cooperative In china during the early 1950s a system in which villagers joined together to share land and equipment the food they produced was given to the cooperative though some people were allowed to keep private plots to raise their own food
Confiscation The seizure of some ones property or possessions
Counter-revolutionary A person who wanted to undo the changes brought up by the revolution
Constitution A document that states a system of laws in a country the rights of the people and the powers of the government
Danwei During Mao’s regime a work unit to which a person bound for life danwei leaders were given strict controls over the lives of their members
Democratic A system of government in which the people hold the power either directly or by voting to elect representatives
Devastating Highly destructive or damaging
Dissenter A person who disagrees with an idea or opinion
exploitation The misuse of someone or something for selfish purposes
famine A serious and widespread lack of food
fraud An act of deception intended to result in personal or financial gain
guerrilla Describing small groups of fighters who launch surprise attacks against an official army
humiliation Deep shame or embarrassment
illiterate Not able to read or right
imperial Having to do with an emperor or empire
nationalist In china a member of the political party that overthrew the Qing dynasty with the goal of creating a modern republic
Opium An addictive drug made from the juice of the opium poppy
Propaganda Biased information that is spread to influence the way people think
Province A district or region of some countries
Purge The removal or elimination of members of a group who are perceived to be disloyal
Queue A long braid that Chinese men wore to signify their loyalty to the Qing dynasty
Quota A goal, set in numbers, that a person or group is ordered to achieve
Ration A fixed amount of something, such as food, that each person is given
Republic Form of government in which people elect representatives to run the country
Revolutionary A person who supports the overthrow of his or her government
Warlord In china in the early 1900s, a person who led his own army and had control over a particular region
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