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S.S. Mongol vocab

Some vocab from the Mongols from social studies.

Genghis Khan Born as Temujin, Mongolian emperor whose empire stretches from the Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean.
Nomadic/Nomads A nomad is a member of a community that moves from one place to another, either with livestock or subsisting on hunting and gathering.
Cultural Diffusion The spread of cultural items. Such as Ideas, styles, religions, technologies, languages, and e.t.c
Silk Road A trade route were Chinese merchants traded on for thousands of years.
Marco Polo Marco Polo was an italian merchant Traveler from Venice whose travels are recorded in Livres des merveilles du monde, a book which did much to introduce Europeans to Central Asia and China.
Empire a group of nations or peoples ruled over by an emperor, empress, or other powerful government
Yurt/ger A tent like dwelling of the mongol and turkic people of central asia, consisting of a cylindrical wall of poles in a lattice arrangement with a conical roof of poles, both covered by felt or skins.
Primary Source :-) An eyewitness source that was from the time period that something happened.
Secondary Source A source that is not an eyewitness account. Based on a primary source or secondary source.
Black Death Disease caused by fleas.
Created by: chuppy00