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Ch 14 WW II

site of Allied war strategy meeting Yalta
the state of tension after WWII Cold War
name for the German Air Force Luftwaffe
program to develop the Atomic bomb Manhattan Project
the Soviet Union formed a military alliance by this name Warsaw Pact
location of the first U.S. atomic bombing Hiroshima
German cities in which Allies held war crimes trials Nuremburg
German, Italy, & Japan Axis Powers
giving in to an aggressor's demands to maintain peace appeasement
military alliance if the United States, Canada, & nine European Allies NATO
women factory workers Rosie the Riveter
allowed the U.S. President to aid the American Allies Lend-Lease Act
the Allied invasion of France D-Day
"lightning war" blitzkrieg
site of the major Russian victory over German troops Stalingrad
Hitler's plan for the union of Austria and Germany Anschluss
What was one reason given for dropping the atomic bomb on Japan? To end the war without invading Japan
Why did Germany invade the Soviet Union? Hitler wanted the country's natural resources
What was important about the Battle of the Bulge? It delayed the Allied advance from the west
The U.S. strategy of "island-hopping" in the Pacific allowed the U.S. to gradually move north toward Japan
Hitler's blitzkrieg tactics allowed Germany to take over much of Europe by 1940
The Truman Doctrine stated the United States would helped rebuild Western Europe
How did Germany's location affect it's chances to win the war? It had to fight on several fronts
"The Big Three" were Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchhill
Hitler's "Final Solution" was his plan to ruthlessly murder of all European Jews
Midway and the Coral Sea were sites of the United States victories over Japan
What event marked the beginning of WWII? the German invasion of Poland
What was one of Stalin's major goals in the Eastern Europe after World War II? to create a protective buffer zone of friendly governments
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