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Wld History Ch. 13

Prentice Hall World History Connections to Today

Why did Japan have greater freedom to accept or reject Chinese influences than other East Asian lands? Japan was isolated by surrounding seas.
What was the most respected form of Chinese literature among the gentry? Poetry
How did the Tang dynasty encourage internal trade and transportation? by building a system of canals
How did Korean women lost many of their rights during the Shilla dynasty? Koreans adopted Confucian ideas
How did Li Yuan become the emperor of the Tang Dynasty? He led a revolt against the Sui dynasty.
Who came to power after the Mongols? Ming
During the Song dynasty, farming shifted from wheat to rice
Why were the early Japanese prevented from uniting? Japan has a mountainous terrain
At the height of its power, how far did the Mongol empire stretch? Eastern Europe to Korea.
During the Tang dynasty, China forced Vietnam, Korea, and Tibet to become tributary states.
How was the subordinate position of women reinforced during the late Song dynasty? Women were introduced to the custom of footbinding.
Who was the most powerful person in feudal Japan? the shogun.
Which culture had the greatest influence on Korea? the Chinese
Throughout their history, Koreans reacted to many Chinese ideas by adapting them and passing them on to Japan
How did the Mongol empire set the stage for economic growth? Peace and order were established within its domain.
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