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Hitler Vocab

Vocabulary from Wicked History Hitler Biography

Annihilation Complete destruction
Anti-Semitism Hostility directed toward Jewish people
Appeasement A foreign policy strategy of giving into demands in hope of avoiding war
Armistice An agreement to temporarily stop fighting a war
Artillery Large, crew-operated guns such as cannons and mortars
Atrocities Cruel acts, often involving torture or murder
Blitzkrieg An intense military campaign intended to bring a swift victory, blitzkrieg is German for “lightning war”
Chancellor The name for the head of Germany’s government, since 1871. Like many other parliamentary governments, Germany has both a head of government (chancellor) and ceremonial head of state (president)
Communist A person who supports communism, a system in which all property belongs to the government and wealth is shared by all
Concentration camp A place in which a large number of people are imprisoned under extremely harsh conditions to provide forced labor or to await mass execution
Conservative In Germany during the early 1900s, a person who opposed democracy and wanted to reinstate the monarchy
Demilitarized zone A neutral area between rival nations where military activity is not permitted
Democratic Describing a system of government in which he people hold the power, either directly or by voting to elect representatives
Deport To expel someone from a country
Dissenter A person who disagrees with an idea or opinion
Fanatical Wildly enthusiastic about a belief or cause
Fuhrer The title that Hitler granted himself when he became chancellor of Germany; fubrer means leader
Gallows A wooden frame used to execute people by hanging
Genocide The systematic killing of an ethnic group
Gestapo The German secret police under Nazi rules
Ideology The combination of political beliefs that makes up a persons worldview
Liberation The act of setting free
Nazi Party The political party led by Adolf Hitler that ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945. The Nazis attempted to rid the world of people they considered inferior by murdering millions of Jews, Roma, and others
Newsreel A short news film shown in movie theaters
Ominous Signaling a coming evil
Parliament An assemble of elected representatives who make the laws in some countries
Propaganda Biased information that is spread to influence the way people think
Putsch A violent attempt to overthrow a government
Reich The name for one of the three German empires. The first Reich, also known as the Holy Roman Empire, existed from 926 to 1806. The second Reich collapsed at the end of World War 1. Hitler vowed that his Third Reich would rule for a thousand years
Reichstag The parliament of Germany from 1871 to 1945; also the building where it met
Roma Members of the Romani, an ethnic group that entered Eastern Europe from India more than 500 years ago
Sanctuary Safety or protection
Schultzstaffel (SS) German for “defense unit.” The SS was formed to guard Hitler, but it grew into a huge force that carried out the murder of millions during the holocaust. SS troops were often called “Blackshirts.”
Slav A member of an ethnic group that arose in Eastern Europe more than 2,000 years ago. Poles, Russians, Czechs, and other Slavic people speak related languages
Sturmabteilung (SA) German for “storm detachment”. The SA was the Nazi parties private army, and it helped Hitler’s rise to power in the 1920s and early 1930s. SA troops were often called “Brownshirts.”
Swastika An ancient symbol consisting of a cross with the arms bent at right angels; it was adopted as the emblem of the Nazi Party
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