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Spleen and Thymus

Splenomegaly ? * dragging sensation in LUQ, can see from infections, heme issues, congestion, cirrhosis, etc.
Hypersplenism ? * overactivity of the spleen in making ABs or even phagocytic activity inside the spleen that leads to splenomegaly
Conditions Associated with Splenomegaly ? * Felty’s Syndrome and Gaucher’s Disease
Infectious Mononucleosis ? * Fever, sore throat, lymphadenopathy and atypical lymphocytes .... * spleen is enlarged and have to watch out for rupture in athletes
Nonspecific Acute Splenitis ? * Splenomegaly due to blood-borne infections.... * congestion of red pulp ..... * Effacement of lymphoid follicles..... * Neutrophils, plasma cells & eosinophils throughout red & white pulp
Congestive Splenomegaly ? * from Cirrhosis or splenic outflow blockage.... * thickened fibrous capsule
Splenic Infarcts ? * emboli from heart most common .... * from an occlusion of a splenic artery... * see large map like scars on the outside of the spleen
Hyposplenism ? * sickle cell anemia is most common cause.... * see Howell-Jolly bodies in a PB .... * can be leathal
Neoplasms of Spleen ? * if the spleen has cysts, think parasitic infection... common is echinococcal disease
Congenital Anomalies of the Spleen ? * can see Asplenia, Hypoplasia, and even an Accessory Spleen
Thymus Overview ? * in anterior mediastinum and play a role in cell-mediated immunity .... see whorls of medullary epithelial cells with keratinized cores
Thymic Development issues ? * DiGeorges or Aplasia
Thymic Hyperplasia ? * Appearance of B-cell germinal centers within thymus --- think 65-75% of cases of Myasthenia Gravis
Thymomas ? * Tumors of thymic epithelial cells.... * Cortical thymomas rich in CD4+ or CD8+ thymocytes associated with Autoimmune diseases = Graves’, pernicious anemia, dermatomyositis-polymyositis, Cushings
Noninvasive thymomas ? * cytologically benign with a whorl pattern
Invasive thymomas ? * cytologically benign, but can mets..... * see numerous thymocyes, not whorled
Thymic Carcinoma ? * cytologically malignant.... * most are Squamous cell carcinomas
Created by: thamrick800