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What drug bind to and prevents removal of D-ala terminus? Vancomycin
What's the side effects of Vancomycin? Ototoxicity, nephrotoxicity, and red man syndrome after IV
What's red man syndrome? flushing upper body and face, hypotension, tachycardia and shock. Mechanism: histamine release
What's the MOA of Bacitracin? It complexes with the pyrophosphate prevent dephosprylation of bactroprenol (lipid carrier), thus inhibiting cell wall synthesis
What's bacitracin used for? topical for minor cuts and scrapes opthalmic ointment for ulcerative blepharitis and bacterial conjunctivitis
What's fosfomycin used for? it's for short course treatment of uncomplicated UTIs in women
What's fosfomycin's MOA? it complexes with pyrophosphate blocking the addition of PEP to UDP-NAG, inhibition cell wall synthesis
What are the side effects of aminoglycosides? nephrotoxicity and ototoxicity (permanent hearing loss) can accumulate in fetal plasma, cause neonatal ototoxicity
Which class of drug does gentamicin belong to? aminoglycosides
Which class of drug does tobramycin belong to? aminoglycosides
Which class of drug does amikacin belong to? aminoglycosides
What is amikacin used for? it's for nosocomial infection that resist gentamicin and tobramycin
which drug of aminoglycosides is used to kill cysts of Entamoeba histolytica (amebic dysentery)? Paromomycin (oral use)
Which drug of amino glycosides is used to prep for bowel surgery, topical antiinfectant? Neomycin (oral use)
what's the side effect of amino glycosides and how does it happen? neuromuscular block leading to respiratory paralysis during anesthesia. Aminoglycosides keep Ach from releasing and block post synaptic cholinergic receptors.
What's treatment for amino glycosides' side effect? IV Calcium or neostigmine (cholinesterase inhibitor) to help increase level of Ach and stimulate respiratory muscles
What's demeclocycline for? It's for chronic dilutional hyponatremia in the SIADH
What's the mechanism demeclocycline in SIADH? It inhibit protein kinase in the kidney's collecting ducts
What are properties of doxycycline? Long acting, highly lipophilic (95% absorbed), significant excretion in feces - inactive
What are other features of minocycline? Immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory: blocking synthesis of nitric oxide activation of microglia - thus decreasing neuronal damage.
what are the side effects of minocycline? SLE-like syndrome (reversible) chronic use can cause nail, skin and sclera pigmentation (reversible) black pigmentation of thyroid blue-black pigmentation of gums from bone pigmentation is permanent.
What is tigecycline used for? complicated skin and intraabdominal infections, community acquired bacterial pneumonia
What's FDA warning for using tigecycline? increase risk mortality if hospital acquired pneumonia.
What's complication of giving tigecycline for pts with hepatic impairment decrease clearance of drug will increase half life and risk of toxicity
Which drug of macrolides is first effective agains legionnaires's disease? erythromycin
Which drug is used with erythromycin for otitis media? sulfisoxazole
Which drug of macrolides can stimulate GI motility and be used post-op to stimulate peristalsis and speed gastric emptying? Erythromycin
Which drug can prolong cardiac repolarization (Torsades de Pointes)? Erythromycin
What are three drugs of macrolides? Erythromycin, azithromycin and clarithromycin, telithromycin
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