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folk&popular culture

Where did amish culture originate? Bern,Switzerland;Alsace norteast of France;Palatins region of Southwestern Germany
What are four styles of New England homes? Salt Box, Cape Cod, Two-Chimney,Front Gable& Wing.
What is the dominant style in the Middle Atlantic homes? The "I" house.
What is a style home in Lower Chesapake area? Tidewater style
_____ are an important symbol of the_____ of western_______ _______. Jeans,Diffusion,Popular culture
What style of house was dominant in the late 1940's and early 1950's? Minimal Tradition
What syle of house replaced minimal tadition in the 1950's and 1960's? Ranch House
What style of house was a popular variant of the ranch house between the 1950'sand 1970's? Split-Level
What style of house was popular between the 1950's and 1970's for achitect-designed houses? Contemporary style
What style house was popular in the late 1960's? Shed Style
What are neo-electric styles of the 1960's and 1970's? Mansard, Neo-Tudor, Neo-french, Neo-Colonial
where is tv universal? United States
Where is tv common? South America
Where is tv rare? Africa
What are two ways in which popular customs have an adverse effect on the natural enviroment? Pollution and Incrased demand for natural resources.
what is the definition of folk culture? traditionally practiced primarily by small homogeneous groups.
What is the definition of popular culture? Found in large heterogeneous societies that share certain habits.
Folk culture is most likely to vary from ___ to ___ at a given time, where as ____ _____ is more likely to vary from ____ to ____ Place,Place,Popular Culture,Time,Time
List elements of popular music. Written by specific individuals,displays a high degree of technical skill,capable of being performed in a studio, and originated in the 1900's.
What are two reasons television is a especially significant element of culture? most popular leisure activity,and most important mechanism by which popular culture.
How and where has folk clothing styles worldwide been threatened by popular culture? It has been treatened in MDC's by a fueling demand of possession typical of popular culture
Created by: jaymie_sue
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