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Chapter 17 Vocab


Absolute monarch A ruler with complete authority over the government.
Divine right Belief that a ruler's authority comes directly from God.
Armada Fleet of ships.
Intendant Official appointed by French King Louis XIV to govern the provinces, collect taxes, and recruit soldiers.
Levee Morning ritual during which nobles would wait upon King Louis XIV.
Balance of power Distribution of military and economic power that prevents any one nation from becoming too strong.
Dissenter Protestant whose views and opinions differed with those of the Church of England.
Habeas Corpus Principle that a person cannot be held in prison without first being charged with a specific crime.
Limited Monarchy Government in which a constitution or legislative body limits the monarch's powers.
Elector One of seven German princes who would choose the Holy Roman emperor.
Mercenary Soldier serving in a foreign army for pay
Depopulation Reduction in population
Westernization Adoption of western ideas, technology, and culture.
boyar Landowning noble in Russia under the czars.
Warm-water port Port that is free of ice all year.
partition Divide.
Created by: Ashley Luallen