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SE Asia

What organization had its first meeting in Bombay in December of 1885? Indian National Conference
Who was a leader in India that had a nonviolent approach to finding peace? Gandhi
August 15, 1947 who gained its freedom from British colonial rule and became an independent nation. India
Who headed the nationalist movement in Vietnam after WWII? Ho Chi Minh
In August 1945, Vietnamese nationalist soldiers moved into ___. Hanoi, Vietnam
On September 2, 1945 ___ declared ___'s independence. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Unwilling to surrender its former colony in Vietnam, ___ sent its own soldiers to Vietnam when it declared independence. France
By 1946, Ho Chi Mihn's forces were at war with the French. This long conflict became known as ___. French Indochina War
Who was arrested by the British in 1922 and spent almost 2 years in prison for fighting for India's peaceful independence. Gandhi
In August 15, 1947 who gained its freedom from British rule? India
A major force behind many independence movements was ___. nationalism
Mohandas Gandhi supported a strategy of ___. nonviolent protest
Nonviolent or violent protests? "The only way to gain our independence is by using our army to fight against the British." Violent protest
Nonviolent or violent protests? "Let's boycott all products that are sold by the British in order to protest against their unjust rule." Nonviolent protest
Nonviolent or violent protests? "We will refuse to pay a British tax on salt, even if that means being thrown in jail." Nonviolent protest
use force to show them our true power as a country." Violent protest
Nonviolent or violent protests? "Acts of kindness and humility will always produce positive reactions." Nonviolent protest
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