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Political Geography

an area of land under the jurisdiction of a ruler or state territory
official acceptance into the "club of states" diplomatic recognition
a politically organized territory with a permanent population, a defined territory, a government, and sovereignty over its own affairs state
control over a territory sovereignty
a group of people with a common culture occupying a particular territory, bound together by a strong sense of unity arising from shared beliefs and customs nation
a political unit in which political boundaries coincide with the boundaries of one nation nation-state
a very small state microstate
microstate on the southern coast of France Monaco
a nation whose territorial homeland is found in more than one state multistate nation
a state whose boundaries include more than one nation multinational state
the nations that make up the United Kingdom Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales
phenomenon in which a state seeks to annex parts of another state in order to match state boundaries with national boundaries irredentism
Canadian province in which French is the primary language Quebec
forces that work to pull a country apart centrifugal forces
anything that helps keep a country together centripetal force
someone who wants to break away from a state and form a new state separatist
region in Spain whose people speak their own language and have sought to break away in the past (located in northern Spain along the French border) Basque
Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania Baltic Republics
Moldova, Belarus, and Ukraine European Republics
Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan Central Asian Republics
Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia Caucasus Republics
Russian region near the Caucasus that tried and failed to break away from Russia in the 90s Chechnya
regions of Georgia that seek independence are are recognized by Russia Ossetia and Abkhazia
region of Ukraine that has been annexed by Russia Crimea
autonomous region with the state of Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh
a vertical plane that separates two states boundary
the air above a state airspace
international treaty that defines territorial rights of states in the seas and oceans Law of the Sea
a boundary created by a natural feature such as a river or mountain range physical boundary
a boundary created by surveyors, usually in a straight line geometric boundary
a boundary created before an area was settled antecedent boundary
a boundary created after an area was settled subsequent boundary
a boundary that is drawn to accommodate existing cultural/ethnic differences consequent boundary
a boundary that disregards ethnic/cultural differences (usually drawn by an outside agency) superimposed boundary
European countries set rules for the colonization and partitioning of Africa at this meeting Berlin Conference of 1884
a dispute between two states involving territorial control boundary dispute
boundary dispute that focuses on the meaning of terms in a boundary treaty definitional dispute
19th century example of a definitional dispute between the US and Britain Pig War
a dispute that focuses on the use of resources that cross boundaries allocational dispute
a dispute that focuses on where a boundary should be drawn locational dispute
a dispute that involves how a boundary should be used, administered, and/or crossed operational dispute
disputed territory between India and Pakistan Kashmir
Japan and China are involved in a locational dispute over these islands Senkaku Islands
This war began as an allocational dispute between Iraq and Kuwait First Gulf War
a state that has a roughly uniform shape compact state
a state with a long and narrow shape elongated state
an otherwise compact state with a large protrusion prorupted state
a state with a large amount of disconnected territory fragmented state
a state that completely surrounds another state perforated state
a state that lacks direct access to the ocean landlocked state
a territory that is almost or completely surrounded by other states enclave
a territory that is disconnected from the rest of the state exclave
the boundary between these two states contained numerous exclaves and enclaves until a recent treaty eliminated most of them India and Bangladesh
government type in which the people are expected to serve the interests of the government autocracy
government type in which the government is expected to serve the people democracy
government type in which the government exercises near complete control over the lives of the people within the state totalitarian
the best example of a totalitarian state in the world today North Korea
a government in which the government exercises a great deal of control over the people but not complete control authoritarian
a type of government in which a small group of people rule oligarchy
a state in which power is divided between a national and regional governments federal state
a state in which all power rests in the hands of a single national government unitary state
term used to describe the drawing of Congressional districts that favor one party over the other gerrymandering
the seat of government for a state capital city
a capital city that is built away from core areas within a state, often as a way to spur development or increase unity forward-thrust capital
the capital of Brazil and a good example of a forward-thrust captital Brasilia
the tendency for states to work together toward shared goals supranationalism
what a state gives up when it joins a supranational organization sovereignty
the tendency for political power to be transferred from national governments to regional governments; often done in order to satisfy ethnic nationalist feelings devolution
military alliance formed in an effort to contain Soviet expansion NATO
military alliance formed by the Soviet Union to counter NATO Warsaw Pact
40-year standoff between the US and Soviet Union Cold War
Supranational organization that consists of more than two dozen European states, has its own currency, flag, and government European Union
Supranational organization that exists to control the price of oil OPEC
a violent act carried out against noncombatant targets by non-military forces in order to achieve a political goal terrorism
terrorist efforts that receive support (money, protection, intelligence, etc.) from a state government state-sponsored terrorism
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