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ENT exam 1

New Testament exam 1

In Genesis 12, who does God promise to make into a great nation and to bless so that he would be a blessing? Abram/Abraham
Once Israel is established in the land, they are punished for failing to follow God by being sent into ____________________ by the Babylonians Slavery
Why is the New Testament important? It makes the ultimate difference
What were the factors which caused the Early Church to begin the process of clearly stating which book were a part of the canon? - Rise of heresy - Having to choose which books are to die for - Change from scrolls to codex allowed more text to be recorded
What does the term homologoumena mean? What were some examples of it? Books that were universally accepted as a part of the cannon - Gospels - Acts - Hebrews - 1 Peter - 1 John - Revelation
What does the term antilegomena mean? What were some examples of it? Books that were disputed, but were put in the cannon anyway - James - Jude 2&3 John 2 Peter
What were the criteria employed by the early church in determining whether or not a book was authoritative? Which factor was most important? - Apostolic authorship - Continuous usage in the early church - Unity and agreement with the rest of scripture - Superintendence of the Holy Spirit
What are the four gospels? Various angels of Christ' story. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
What are the letters of Paul? Letters written by paul to various people's and churches throughout his ministry
List the 27 books of the NT. Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) Acts Pauline epistles (Romans, 1&2 Corinthiams, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1&2 Thessalonians, 1&Timothy, Titus, Philemon. Hebrews General Epistles: James, 1&2 Peter, 1-3 John, Jude, Revelation
Know what the meaning of codes for the numbers used by John in Revelation. - 12, Wholeness - 10, Complete number - 7, Divine number - 6, extreme evil - 5, penalty - 4, world - 2, witnessing - Fractions, incompleteness
Know what the meaning of codes for the colors used by John in Revelaiton Pale Green - Death Dark Green - Life White - purity or Conquering Red - Warfare Black - Famine Gold - Worth of value Bronze - strength Scarlet - sin
Know what the meaning of animals used by John in Revelation Frog -Vilest animal Eagle - Brings bad news Beasts - evil people Beast from the sea - Caesar and his political power Sea serpent - devil Seven horned lamb - Jesus described having divine power & sight Lion - wild creatures Ox - domesticated animals
List the four features of apocalyptic literature. Eschatological, Dualistic, Evidences of Rigid determinism, Symbolic
What are the four schools of interpretation of the book of Revelation? Historicist, Preterits, Idealist, Futurist
List the theological emphases of Revelation Doctrine of God, Futility of Satan, Christology, Cosmic war, Theodicy, Perseverance of saints, worship
What are the main sources that can be used in our investigation of Palestine in the days of Jesus OT, Second-Temple Judaism
List the sources from Second-Temple Judaism that we can employ in our investigation of 1st century Palestine Books of the Maccabees, Josephus, dead sea scrolls, apocrypha, Mishnah
What were the problems that the Jews returning from the Exile faced when they arrived in Palestine? Few returned, the Glory of God did not descend upon the temple, still under Perisa's rule.
Who was the great leader who established the power of the Greeks and began the process of spreading Hellenism throughout his kingdom? Alexander the Great
What pagan god did Antiochus demand that the Jews worship in the Jerusalem Temple? zeus
What are the books of the Maccabees? Stories about Jesus, first is most credible
Who was Antiochus IV? What did he do that caused the Maccabees to begin a revolution? Said only zeus could be worshiped in the Jewish temple
Who began the revolt against Antiochus IV? Mattathias
Who was Judas Maccabeus? After his father, Mattathais died, Judas took over the rebellion and cleansed the temple
How did Eleazar die? crushed by an elephant
Who was Alexander Janneus? Ended the Hasmonean dynasty
What 2 things was Herod known for? Insecurity and building great structures
What is Herod most well know for building ( 1 of the 7 world wonders) Jerusalem temple
Who was Herod’s favorite wife? Mariamne
Who was Herod Antipas? Who did he have killed? His wife, several sons, any opposition
Who were the Pharisees? What were their basic beliefs? Interpreted the Torah into everyday laws Largest group Shining stars of the Jews
Who were the Sadducees? What were their basic beliefs? They controlled the Sahedren, chief priest, temple. Rejected the oral traditions of the Pharisees
Who were the Essenes? What were their basic beliefs? Very radical belief system and strict laws Withdrew from the tipple to lead their own lives Believed they would eventually lead the temple No private property
What were the four main symbols of Judaism? Temple of the land, Promise land, Torah, Racial identity
What were the four main practices of Judaism? Worship, Festivals, study/learning, Scriptures
What was the anchor of the Jewish worldview? Monotheism, Election, Covenant and Eschatology, Covenant, Redemption, and forgiveness.
What is monotheism? Describe the various elements of monotheism. Creational -- one God made the whole world Providential -- God is active in the affairs or humanity Covenantal -- The promise God made with Abraham will come true
How are the Gospels like ancient biographies? How are the Gospels different from ancient biographies? Ancient Bios are written about dead people (Jesus ain't dead!) Bios are about entire lives, Christ's history is to big to be written
Why did take so long for the Gospels to be written down? Belief that Jesus was returning very soon Eyewitnesses were present to tell the story Oral traditions are more sacred and common in Judaism
Why must there be a literary relationship between the Gospels? Agreements in the Gospels are to similar for oral traditions Unusually accurate agreements between the Gospels Luke says there were written sources
List the reasons presented in class which support the claim that Mark was the first Gospel written. - Is the shortest - longest stories - grammar is worse - obvious theology mistakes - more primitive theology
What is Q? an unknown source that Mark drew from
What does Luke say about the process that he used in compiling his Gospel in Luke 1:1-4? What does that tell us about how we should go about interpreting them? He did thorough research before writing. That we should be careful and analyzing when we read the Bible
Describe the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd sitz-im-leben. 1 -- LIfe of Jesus 2-- Life of the church in oral history period 3 -- LIfe of evangelist
Describe the practice of Form Criticism. What receives the focus of the investigation: the story or the work of the Evangelist? Form criticism isolates the information itself and analyzes the information
What were the presuppositions of Form Criticism? - Period of Oral tradition - Narratives circulated as single self contained units - Units can be classified according to form - Reason for preservation from community issues
What is the purpose of Redaction Criticism? analyzing what the author of the text meant to convey through the way he wrote
What are the steps in the process of the Evangelist, according to the redaction critics? Choose what to use Arrange the materials in the order he wants, modify the story, Create new material not found in other books
Why is it easier to do redaction criticism on Matthew and Luke than Mark? Because Mark came first and Matt. and Luke didn't make the same mistakes in writing that mark did
List two positive contributions of Redaction Criticism. Focuses on the meaning of the text -- Focuses on th wholeness of the gospels
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