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WHB Unit 1 Review

World War I

Many colonial people volunteered to fight for the Allied forces because they hoped their service would win their colony's ________. independence
Why did Czar Nicholas II welcomed World War I? He hoped that a surge of patriotism would overcome domestic problems and unite the country around his leadership.
Who were the White Army? The opponents of the Bolsheviks.
This was a proposal by a German official that Mexico attack the United States in return for territory. the Zimmerman Note
What was the Triple Alliance? the alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy that was formed in the last 1800s
Which countries were part of the Triple Entente? Russia, Great Britain, and France
How did women participate in World War I? By helping on the home front and nursing wounded soldiers.
What was the result of the October Revolution? Russia became a communist country.
How did the Zimmerman Note effect neutrality of the U.S.? It led to strong public support for entry into WWI.
Allied treaties with the defeated Central Powers accomplished which of the following? They broke apart Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire.
Germany attempted to “bleed France white” in which battle? The Battle of Verdun
Which best describes conditions in Russia on the eve of World War I? Russia was a troubled country, with a worsening economy and an ineffective ruler.
Bolsheviks planned that which of the following groups would lead a revolution and rule Russia? socialists
Which of the following countries declared war on Germany in 1914 as part of a military agreement with Great Britain? Japan
Who was the trusted advisor to Czarina Alexandra? Grigory Rasputin
What was the area between the trenches known as? "no-man's-land"
Who was the last czar of Russia? Nicholas II
Who were the proletariat? this was the Marxist term for the industrial workers
Who came up with the Fourteen Points as a vision for world peace? Woodrow Wilson
This was the passenger ship attacked by the Germans in 1915. The Lusitania
This leader did not gain territory for his nation during the peace talks. Vittorio Orlando
This French leader wanted to punish Germany at the end of World War I. Georges Clemenceau
What was the Armenian massacre? Forcible removal of people from the Caucasus by the Ottomans resulting in 600,000 deaths
this was the main Allied assault during 1916, resulting in an enormous loss of troops and no clear winner Battle of the Somme
this declaration supported the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine Balfour Declaration
Who assassinated the archduke of Austria-Hungary in 1914 to spark World War I? Gavrilo Princip
What was the Schlieffen Plan? German military plan to fight France, then Russia
This is a new weapon that was developed during WWI and it was fairly ineffective. Poison gas
Information designed to influence people’s opinions propaganda
How did nationalism lead Europe to the brink of war in 1914? be prepared to discuss this.
In 1921, Lenin introduced a plan called the New _____________that permitted some capitalist activity. New Economic Policy
Who used new technologies during World War I? both the Allied and Central Powers used new technologies like tanks, poison gas, etc.
What was the Third Battle of Ypres? This was a disaster for the British who had to end the attack, because after three years of battle, the front lines were unchanged.
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