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11. 1 CF Cardiology

Combining forms for the cardiovascular system

abdomen/o abdomen
ablat/o take away; destroy
anastom/o create an opening between two structures
aneurysm/o aneurysm (dilation)
angi/o blood vessel; lymphatic vessel
angin/o angina
aort/o aorta
apic/o apex (top)
ateri/o artery
arter/o artery
arteriol/o arteriole
ather/o soft, fatty substance
artheromat/o fatty deposit or mass
atri/o atrium
auscult/o listening
axill/o armpit
brachi/o arm
capill/o capillary
card/i or cardi/o heart
carot/o stupor; sleep
catheter/o catheter
cholesterol/o cholesterol
circulat/o movement in a circular route
claudicat/o limping pain
clav/o clavicle (collar bone)
coagul/o clotting
coarct/o pressed together
compens/o counterbalance; compensate
conduct/o carrying; conveying
congest/o accumulation of fluid
constrict/o drawn together; narrowed
contract/o pull together
coron/o structure that encircles like a crown
cusp/o projection; point
cutane/o skin
disastol/o dilating
dissect/o to cut apart
ech/o echo (sound wave)
ectop/o outside of a place
electr/o electricity
esophag/o esophagus
femor/o femur (thigh bone)
fibrill/o muscle fiber; nerve fiber
fract/o to break up
fus/o pouring
gemin/o set or group
idi/o unknown individual
infarct/o area of dead tissue
ili/o ilium (hip bone)
isch/o keep back; block
jugul/o jugular (throat)
log/o study of
lipid/o lipid (fat)
lumin/o lumen (opening)
ly/o to break down; destroy
man/o thing; frenzy
mediastin/o mediastinum
mitr/o structure like a miter (tall with two points)
my/o muscle
necr/o dead cells, tissue or body
nucle/o nucleus
occlus/o close against
palpit/o to throb
pariet/o wall of a cavity
path/o disease; suffering
peripher/o outer aspects
peron/o fibula (lower leg)
pharmac/o medicine; drug
phleb/o vein
physi/o physical function
polar/o positive or negative state
poplite/o back of the knee
port/o point of entry
prosthet/o artificial
pulmon/o lung
radi/o radius (forearm bone); x-rays; radiation
regurgitat/o flow backward
ren/o kidney
rheumat/o watery discharge
rrhythm/o rhythm
saphen/o clearly visable
scler/o hard; sclera (white of eye)
sept/o septum (dividing wall)
sin/o hollow cavity; channel
son/o sound
sphygm/o pulse
stat/o standing still; staying in one place
sten/o narrowness; constriction
steth/o chest
system/o the body as a whole
systol/o contracting
tampon/o stop up
techn/o technical skill
tele/o distance
tens/o pressure; tension
theli/o cellular layer
thorac/o thorax (chest)
thromb/o thrombus (blood clot)
tibi/o tibia (shin bone)
transplant/o move something to another place
triglyceride/o triglyceride
uln/o ulna (forearm)
ur/o urine; urinary system
valv/o or valvul/o valve
varic/o varix; varicose vein
vascul/o blood vessel
vas/o blood vessel; vas deferens
vegitat/o growth
ven/o vein
ventricul/o ventricle (lower heart chamber; chamber of the brain)
vers/o to travel; to turn
viscer/o large internal organs
xen/o foreign
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