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Byzantine Vocabulary

legacy of Byzantium

Architecture the art of designing buildings
Byzantine Empire surviving part of the Roman Empire with capital in Constantinople
Commerce buying and selling goods on a large scale
ExCommunication official order that prevents a person from membership and protection of the church
Hagia Sophia Largest church in the Christian world. Located in Constantinople, it was considered an architectural and engineering wonder; because of its size, scale and use of dome architecture.
Heresy opposing opinions against official church beliefs
Icon a picture or image of a religious person or idea
Iconoclast people who disagree with the usage of icons in worship
Justinian code a set of laws, rewritten by the emperor Justinian
Mosaic a picture made from bits of colored glass, stone or gem.
Orthodox supported or accepted as tradition. following the traditional way of doing things
Patriarch the bishop of Constantinople. Leader of the Church in the East
Pope the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in the west
Public Works Construction projects paid for by the government for the use of the citizens (bridges, schools, roads, etc..)
Schism a split with a religion
Created by: Mr. Talbot