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Religion ch 8


Why did God send his only Son To save the world/salvation of the human race
God the Son-Jesus 2 nd in the holy Trinity Became man in Divine Person Told man about God Reveals the truth of a God Shows God's loving plan
Three Roles of Christ Prophet Priest King
Prophet- role of Jesus Teacher of God's Truth
Priest-role of Jesus Offered himself in sacrifice to the father
King-role of Jesus Came to start the Kingdom of God on Earth
What does Jesus teach? How to get to heaven With Jesus teaching we find the way to heaven
What is the Good New of our Salvation? Jesus told us of God's great love for us Revealed God sent him to be our savior to take away sins
How did Jesus teach to others? Through parables, miracles, and sermons
Parables It is a story that uses examples to demonstrate truths Good Samaritan, lost sheep,
Why did Jesus do miracles? Proof of Jesus divinity and demonstrated his teachings
Example of Miracle Nature- water to wine Deliverance- walking on water Headings- leper Raising from dead-Lazarus
Sermons Sermon on mount End of time Bread of life Last supper discourse
The sermon on mount Jesus greatest collection of teaching Beatitudes
Magisterium Teaching of church Pope and bishops Charism of infallibility
Infallibility Without error on matter of faith and morale
What is a priest? Man consecrated to serve God Brings God and his grace to the people through sacraments Acts in person of Christ in liturgy
Worship is..... The prayer and adoration which we offer to God
Seven sacraments why did he give them to us Jesus gave us to share his grace with mankind and the truths of God. And his grace is poured into the Church
Triple office Roles of Christ -prophet, priest, king
Which sacraments call us to share the teachings office of Christ? Baptism and Confirmation
Communion of Saints All who are united with Christ are a part of the Church- angels and saints souls, faithful on earth
What stands between us and the kingdom Sin
Gabriel revealed to Mary The Lord god will give to him the throne of his father David, he will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and his kingdom will have no end
Church of triumphs Saints and angels in heaven
Church of suffering Holy souls in purgatory
Church of militant Faithful on earth
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