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religion 5th Grade

chpt 8 Confirmation

After Jesus' Resurrection he sent his apostles to preach in his name
Jesus told his apostles that they would not be alone in this work
While the apostles were gathered in Jerusalem the Holy Spirit came upon them
Peter told people to be sorry for their sins and to repent
Jesus calls us to to follow him and share in his good news. Stregthenied
Pentecost the day the Holy Spirit came upon the first disciples; the feast of gratitude for the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit
Witnesses What Jesus calls the disciples to be; to spread the good news of Jesus
"pente" refers the fiftieth day after Passover.
Tongues of Fire Seen over the heads of the apostles
Speak in tongues means the apostles could understand and speak many different languages when they went out to spread the good news of Christ
Signs of the Holy Spirit's presence Laying on of hands and anointing (by the disciples) A powerful sign of God's blessing. Laying of hands was the beginning of Confirmation
Anoint apply oil to someone as a sign that God has chosen that person for a special mission. Became a sign of the Holy Spirit's presence and of the receiving of the Holy Spirit.
Sacred Chrism oil blessed by a bishop, used in Confirmation. Celebrant appoints on the forehead.
Confirmation the sacrament in which we receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit in a special way; a sacrament of Christian Initiation (like Baptism and Eucharist.) Usually received between the ages of 7-16
Bishop usually visits parishes to confirm kids
Catechumenate adult or older child who is getting all the sacraments of initiation at once, usually during the Easter Vigil mass.
Candidates those preparing for confirmation by praying and reflecting on the life of Jesus Christ and on the mission of the Church and the gifts of the Holy Spirit
How does the parish help the candidates pray with and for the candidates, meet with the candidates to talk about their faith, help the candidates to find ways to serve together in the parish,
Choosing a saint's name part of Confirmation, a saint whose example we can follow
A sponsor someone special the candidate chooses to help them grow in faith. The present us to the bishop for anointing. Must be Catholic.
Confirmation... deepens the gift of grace we first received at Baptism
Seven number of sacraments of Christian Initiation
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