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Greek Unit Test

Socrates -famous teacher -taught buy questioning -arrested for corrupting youth -committed suicide -"the unexamined life is not worth living."
Plato -student of Socrates -wrote "The Republic" -thought only smart people should rule -hubris:arrogance
Aristotle -philosopher who questioned nature of the worlds -teacher of Alexander the Great -taught the scientific method: hypothesis -Plato's student
Solon -brought democracy to Athens -outlawed debt slavery
Draco -Greek tyrant -Developed legal codes based on equal treatment for all -known for harsh punishments
Cleisthenes -introduced reforms to break up the power of nobility -began council of 500 -freedom of speech -ostracism -jury
Pericles -leader during Athens's "Golden Age" -extended democracy -financed artists, writers, architects -father of algebra -rebuilt Athens
Sophocles -writer -wrote "Oedipus Rex" -wrote dramas and tragedies -psychological plays
Aristophanes -wrote the first comedy -slapstick and crude humor
Homer -blind poet -epics -Iliad -Odyssey
Herodotus -historian who believed in accurate recording of events -wrote first accurate account of Persian war -father of history
Thucydides -learn history to understand mistakes as history repeats itself -recorded what he had seen -wrote about Peloponnesian war
Aeschylus -wrote tragedies -Orenstein -tragedy and comedy masks -wrote 80 plays
Euclid -father of geometry
Hippocrates -father of medicine -believed Ina healthy diet -Hippocratic oath of modern doctors -believed in exercise and good personal hygiene
Archimedes -pi -invented a steam engine, pump and levers
Phidias -sculptor -statue of Athena -worked on Parthenon
Pythagoras -theory of right triangles (Pythagorean theory)
Pantheon Family of gods
Parthenon Temple dedicated to Athena in the center of Athens
Oracle Person who predicts the future
3 Persian emperors Darius, Xerxes, Cyrus
Empire Country who's conquered other countries
Monarchy Government with single person ruling and where power is passed down the family
Aristocracy Government ruled by a small group of noble, landowning families
Theocracy Government in which ruler is viewed as a divine figure
Citizen -18 or older -man -free
Mount Olympus All the gods and goddesses were said to live here
Created by: darby.shea