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TCI Chapter:30

China: The world's most populous country

When did the drought occur in China? 1870
What happened during the Famine and Drought? 1.)There was severe food shortage due to the large population. 2.)10 million people died.
Explain what ZERO POPULATION GROWTH means? ZERO POPULATION GROWTH means that the number of people born each year are the same as the number of people who die each year.
What did the other ancient Chinese think about China? China was isolated with the rest of the world due to the physical geography surrounding it. Chinese thought China was the most civilized society on Earth.
What lies to the west of China? mountains and deserts
What lies to the east of China? the pacific ocean, river valleys and floodplains covered with rice
What Chinese call their country and what does that mean? "Zhong Guo" which means the middle kingdom
Which desert is the coldest desert on Earth? The Gobi desert
In 1980s what happened? China became the first country to have a 1 billion population
When does a population grow? When its birth rate is higher than its death rate.
What is used to show a birth and death rate? Percentage
How do you calculate a birth rate? 30/1000=3/100=3%
Explain: Rate of natural increase The annual growth rate
What is doubling time? the time when the population doubles
What did Mao Zedong do? He led a communist government in 1949.
When did Mao Zedong die? 1976
What problems did Mao create? -Large families were encouraged, rapid population growth. -Increased steel production -factory farms -one-child policy
Created by: mayflower