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Teaching of Judaism


Exile *being separated from home *central theme in Judaism *Babylonian exile was when Jews were forced to leave Jerusalem and migrate to Babylon
Jewish Diaspora *scattering of Jewish people outside of a single homeland
Temple of Solomon *built as temple for Hebrew god's *central place of worship *contained the original tablets of 10 commandments *burned down by babylonians and rebuilt by King Herod. *burned again by Romans
Wailing Wall *western wall of temple only remains of temple of Solomon *sacred place for Jews still today
Rabbi teachers of Jewish faith
Synagogue *place of worship for jews *place of study and meeting *established in communities w/at least 10 males
Tanakh *sacred book of judaism containing the torah, nevi'im (book of prophets), and the ketuvim (psalms/proverbs)
Torah *history of hebrews, judaism and basic laws and teachings.most sacred text *first 5 books of hebrew bible God's teachings
Talmud *commentarties of learned rabbis on the Hebrew bible and Jewish teachings
monotheism *belief in one God who is all knowing and all powerful *Judaism based on this
morality sense of right and wrong God is source of this
Duty of humans in Judaism Honor and obey God - based on the covenenant
halakha Law found in Torah and Talmud *613 mosaic laws (248 positive and 365 negative) *includes 10 commandments
kosher laws *foods prepared in certain ways, eaten in certain order. some foods avoided (pork and shellfish)
sabbath *Day of rest and prayer *sunset friday to sunset saturday
Passover *holy day - celebration of freedom from Egypt
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