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OT week 2

Supplemental Flash Cards for week 2

Historical Critical Method Enlightenment way of scholarship that takes God out of equation
Minimalists Whitelam Thompson, Davies
Biblical Archeology Alrbight
Dead Sea Scrolls found first in 1946, contain texts dating back to 250 BC
Hebrew Bible ends with Chronicles; different order from Christian OT
Protestant Old Testament ends with Malachi
Catholic Old Testament includes Apocrypha
Apocrypha Jewish Writings that are not canonical; not authoritative
canon set of authoritative writings; i.e. scripture
earliest acceptance of all OT books 200s BC
Josephus Jewish Historian who described the OT as holy writings in 100 AD
Athanasius wrote a letter in 352 that happened to contain a list of the biblical books - certain date of closed canon
Samaritan Pentateuch slightly different theology from MT, used Samaritan alphabet
Text Criticism originally attempting to restore the original text of the OT
Created by: JustinAllison