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Immunology Review

CD3 ? * express T cells, thymocytes T cells, thymocytes and function by Signal transduction by the TCR
CD4 ? *express T-cell subset, monocytes, Macs and function by MHC-II
CD8 ? * express T-cell subset, thymocytes and their function is cell adhesion and signaling
CD19 ? * express Most B cells and function is B-cell activation; co-receptor with CD21 and CD81
CD21 ? * express Mature B cells, FDC and function by Receptor for C3d; part of co-receptor with CD19, CD81
CD28 ? * express T cells and functions by Binding B7-1 (CD80) and B7-2 (CD86) as co-stimulator
CD40 ? * express B cells, Macs, DC, endothelial cells and function by Binds CD40L (CD154) on T cells to provide T-cell help ; Mac activation
CD80 ? * express DC, act. Mac and B cells and function by Costimulator for T-cell activation; binds CD28 & CD152 (CTLA-4)
CD86 ? *express B cells, mono, DC and function by Costimulator for T-cell activation; binds CD28 & CD152 (CTLA-4)
CD152 ? *express Activated T cells and function by Inhibitory signal for T cells; binds CD80 & CD86 on APC
CD154 ? * Express Activated CD4+ T-cell and functions by Activating B-cells, Macs, endothelium
Viral infection process ? * Innate Defense first ( IFN-a and b and NK Cells) to Adaptive Defense (antigen specific response from cytotoxic T cells/CD8 and Ab response from B Cells)
Phagocytic cells and NK cells of this patient's innate immune system can recognize this virus and begin to defend against it by using ? * Pattern recognition receptors - IFN-a/b by antiviral effects and IFN-gamma by activating Macs and TH1
How CD8 T cells differ from NK cells ? * are adaptive immunity, so take a bit to proliferate and kill virus infected cells.... * NK cells are innate and attack ASAP
The most common clinical presentations of patients with complement deficiencies are ? * recurrent infections with encapsulated bacteria, recurrent neisseria infections, and systemic autoimmune disease
. Why might the C3 complement protein be considered as one of the most important components of the complement system? * ? C3 is the starting point for the alternative complement pathway that yields the microbial opsonin C3b and the chemoattractant C3a. C3 is also the convergence point for all complement activation pathways
What are the unique features of IgA antibody structure, function and distribution? * IgA accounts for more than 70 percent of total immunoglobulin in the body, although its concentration in the serum is low. Secretory IgA (dimeric) is concentrated in mucosal secretions including nasal and pulmonary secretions, saliva, tears, breast milk
 What is the general role of the dendritic cell? * DC present antigen to activate the patient's T cells
CD4+ T cells do what ? * Recognize foreign peptides on cell-surface MHC class II...... *Help B cells produce antibody
CD8 + ? *antigen-specific killing of virus-infected cell
TH1 ? *Produce IFN-gamma
TH2 ? *Produce IL-4, IL-5, IL-13.... *Associated with atopic disease
TH17 ? *Recruit neutrophils
Treg cells ? *Produce TGF-β..... * Inhibit activation of T cells
What is the general role of the RAG-1 and RAG-2 gene products in lymphocyte development? * These enzymes are required for B and T cell receptor expression in the bone marrow and thymus, respectively.
Diseases we may see in B cell def ? * encapsulated bacterias
Phagocyte defects ? * invasive fungis and candida
T cells defects ? *herpes, TB, EBV, CMV,
What are rheumatoid factors? * Auto-antibodies to the Fc-portion of IgG (present in about > 80% of individuals with RA).
Tmt for RA patients ? * TNF-alpha blockade is a useful treatment of articular inflammation in about 70% of patients.
Describe the activities of TNF-alpha ? * the major inflammatory cytokine involved in RA... + pro-inflam cytokines IL-1 and 6, + cells to break down and recruits Macs to break other cells down
*look @ the Cytokine table *
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