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3.3 cont

History of Hebrews

When the Hebrews settled in Canaan, what did they establish? A monarchy
Who was the first king of Israel? David
What was the name of the two parts of the Hebrew's land that King David united? Israel
In Israel, what three things did David establish? Government Army Courts
Who was David's son that built a great temple to the Hebrew Gods? Solomon
What did the great temple hold? Ark of the Covenant
What was in the Ark of the Covenant? The original stone tablet of the Ten Commandments
What was the center of Jewish worship? Temple
What did Solomon force the Israelites to do? Pay heavy taxes
How did the Hebrews feel about Solomon's heavy taxes? Angry
In 931 BC, the Northern tribes of Hebrews broke away and formed what kingdom? The Kingdom of Israel
The Southern tribes formed what kingdom? They were ruled by the descendants of Solomon The Kingdom of Judah
Who conquered the Northern kingdom of Israel? Assyrians
Who conquered the Southern kingdom of Judah? Babylonians
What king laid siege to the city of Jerusalem? King Nebuchadnezzor
In what year did the Babylonians capture the city of Jerusalem? 586 BC
Who burned down Solomon's temple? King Nebuchadnezzar
What was it called when the Hebrews living in Judah were captured by the Babylonians and forced to migrate to Babylon? Babylonian Exile
Created by: Igroc