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Final Exam SS

For Social Studies Final Exam

Who was the first Caliph? Abu Bakr
Who was the second Caliph? The second caliph was Umar
Who was the third caliph? The third caliph was Uthman
Who was the fourth Caliph? It was caliph Ali
What was the Sunni? Was a group that let any Muslim's be leaders.
What was the Shia? A group where only decedents of Mohamed can be rulers
Caliph? A Muslim ruler in its time
What is the capital of the Umayyad empire? The capital is Demacsus
What is bureaucracy? a system of departments and agencies that carry out work for the government
What did caliph Malik do? He unified the empire,and made common coinage for the empire
What was the deadly dinner? The deadly dinner was a dinner where the Abbasid kill the Umayyad Empire
What did the Abbasid Empire do? they created a standing army,Moved the capital to Baghdad,this was a major trading city
What were the Abbasid advancements? trade made the empire wealthy,Muslims became good at calligraphy,They made the calender and algebra.
Why was the city of Cordoba great? It was the Grand Mosque,love and learning was its great Legacy
What was the reconquest? Its the thing to let the Spanish-Muslims tried to get France,but the Christians fought back and won
What is the importance of village life in West Africa? The people had to work and they had to have a family to keep a family going.
How was the trade and regional developments? The populations grew to be very large,and cause of this to get kings to control the kingdom.
What did they do to pass down traditions? The Africans used oral tradition to pass down stories and cultures their ans-ester did.
Was the Geography of West Africa good? They had 3 vegetation zones,desert and grass land,also had many types of trading zones.
How was the Growth of Ghana's empire? They got Islams in and that convinced them to convert to Islam.
Why did Ghana's empire decline? The Almaravid attacked Ghana,and the Ghana could not hold on.
Who was Sundita? Sundita was called the lion king because he started the Mali Empire and also got rid of the bad king.
Why was Mansa Musa? Mansa Musa was was a guy that expanded the empire but brought all the gold on a pilgrimage to Mecca and wasted almost all of it.
Why did the Mali decline? The regions began to rebel,the Songhai began to gain strength,The Berber,nomads seized territories,Th rebels captured more lands and reduced the population.
Why did Songhai expand? The Sunni killed the Berbers and drove them out of the empire.
Why did the Songhai decline? Asia's Son removed his father from the throne Morocco's army raided salt mines.
What was the cause to the growth of Kongo? They had fertile land,had iron,copper,they had transportation,fishing.
What made the Kongo kingdom? They gained total control of the Congo river.
What made the alliance for Portugal and Africa? Portugal came and showed them Christianity,showed them guns,horses,and more manufactured goods,also Africa converted to Christianity.
Why did Portugal want more slaves? they wanted more slaves to pick there sugar because they really wanted sugar back then.
Why was the slave trade bad? The slave trade was bad because the African population decreased very fast,and they were vulnerable to attack.
Why did the Kongo kingdom end? It ended because they ended up giving to much slaves also the Jaga attacked the Kongo and it was defeated.
The mountain range that protected China from the south? The Himalayan Mountains
A nation the bordered China to the north? The Mongols,Mongolia
What nations did China trade with? India,Arabia,Africa,Japan,Philippines
A river that provided rice farming in the south? Chang river
When a dynasty is chosen by heaven? Mandate of heaven
A dynasty that fell of corruption,food shortages,and nomadic invasions. Han Dynasty
Chinese belief on education and Mortality? Confucianism
A Chinese Belief blended with Confucianism in order to live in peace and Harmony. Daoism
3 types of people to work in the dynasties Bureaucracy. Aristocrats,Scholars,Foreiners
Wealthy people chosen by dynasties to help run the governments? Aristocrats
Test people had to take to work in the government? Civil Service exam
A Chinese philosopher whose teachings became basis in China? Confucious
A term that means a development of a city? Urbanization
What caused cities to develop in China? Trade
Name 3 Chinese advancements? paper Money,Compass,gunpowder
The original founder of the Mongol Empire? The original founder of the Mongol Empire?
How far did the Mongol empire stretch? From China to southwest Asia
A famous European explorer who traveled the silk road and met with Kublai Khan? Marco Polo
The dynasty that overthrew the mongols? Ming
Why were the royal buildings called the Forbidden City Commoners and foreigners were not allowed
What was rebuilt and created to protect the Ming capital of Beijing from Mongols? Great Wall of China
What factors led to the decline of the Ming Dynasty? high taxes,weak rulers,and poor rice harvest.
Eastern part of the roman empire that lasted longer? The Byzantium Empire
King of Franks that unified western Europe that partnered up with the pope? Charlemagne
People from Scandinavia That terrorized Europe? Vikings
The Black Death? Plague that came from flees,went to rats,and then went to human,it killed humans within a couple days
Ended the Middle ages and brought it to the Modern Era? The Renesanse
Created by: echillith