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Final Exam

Social Studies

How did people adjust to life in the Arabian Desert? moved from place to place; became herders, nomads
How did people adjust to life in the oasis environment? settled, traded with nomads,farmed
people who move from place to place nomads
groups of people that are related to each other clans
Why was the Arabian Peninsula well situated for trade? surrounded by bodies of water - in between 3 continents - unique resources
Muhammad founder of Islam; conquered Mecca; took over Ka'aba
Monotheism/Allah Belief in 1 god; Allah-god of Islam
5 Pillars of Islam Charity, prayer, fasting, pilgrimage(hajj), declaring faith
how did Umayyad Dynasty unify its empire Arabic language, common money, the hajj pilgrimage
What advancements took place during the Golden Age of the Abbasid Dynasty Arabic numbering system, books on math and medicine, House of Wisdom for professors, paper making
The Abbasid Empire's standing army: controlled the Abbasid Empire in time of war and peace
What happened at the Battle of Tours in 732 CE Chanes Martel and Franks stopped Muslim Empire from expanding into rest of Western Europe
What made AL Andulas and Cordoba the leading city of Europe during the Middle Ages? -Great Mosque -Scientific and medical advancements -libraries -paved and lighted streets
Savannah Grassland with scattered trees Central and South Africa
Why were rivers important to the survival of Africans? -Major West African River? Irrigation, transportation, trade, communication -The Niger River
How did Ghana kings of West Africa become wealthy By taxing trade
Why were people willing to trade salt for gold? Gold was needed as currency in many empires. Salt was needed to preserve food;as part of diet
Why did Mali King Mansa Musa bring so much on his pilgrimage to Mecca? to impress others to establish trade and encourage people to visit his capital, Timbuktu
griot African storyteller who passes down oral history
kinship > village > city > kingdom Development of an African Kingdom (urbanization)
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