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Final Studyguide

Study for Final

How did people in the Arabian desert adapt? They traveled in Caravans. Wore long loose-fitting garments. Traveled on camels
Term for a group of people who move form place to place Nomads
Term for a group of people who are related to eachother Clans
What is Arabic for god Allah
Monotheism The belief in one god
What are the five Pillars of Islam Shahada Salat Zakat Siyam Hajj
How did the Umayyads unify their empire They made Arabic the official language. Instituted the Hajj. Used a common coinage
What is the definition of a standing army An army stationed all year round that protected citizens
What did the Abbasids use to help rule over the people They used the policy of inclusion
What advancements happened during the golden ages of the Abbasid Empire Al-Khwarizmi introduced the Arabic Number System, Decimal Point, Algebra, and Calculus. Al-Razi was an advanced doctor during that time. Omar Khayyam made the most accurate calendar of his time
Who stopped the Muslims at the Battle of Tours in 732 CE Charles Martel
What made Cordoba the leading city of Europe during the Middle Ages It had paved and lit streets. Had scholars who came to learn at different schools.
Savannah A vegetation zone that was located in west/south/central Africa. It is a grassland with scattered trees.
Why were rivers very important to Africans It provided fish, water, transportation, and trade.
What river was a Major West African River Niger River
Why did people trade salt for gold and gold for salt Salt is used for medicine, preserving food, and our bodies need sodium. Gold was used as currencey
Why did King Mansa Musa bring so much on his Hajj To impress people and bring people back to the Mali capitol Timbuktu
Griot A storyteller who passes down family history orally
What religion did Berbers bring to West Africa Islam
How did Islam influence West African Culture during the Middle Ages Arabic Language was introduced and Islamic architecture was adapted
What was the desert in North Africa called Sahara desert
What country bordering China to the north often invaded China for tits resources Mongolia
Why did China trade through the sea Traveling west was hard because of the deserts and mountains
What test did Scholars have to take to become scholar officials and work in the government Civil Service Exam
What were some things that the Chinese invented during China's golden age Gunpowder, Firecrackers, seismographs, and compasses
Why did China start to use paper money Coins were heavy and there was a copper shortage. Paper was light and the Chinese could make a lot
Why did the population of China grow during the Tang and Song dynasties A new type of rice was discovered that gave 2-3 harvests per year
Why was the Ming dynasty successful They rebuilt the Great Wall of China and sent our ships to get back tribute. They built the Forbidden City and encouraged trade
Why did the Roman Empire fall Empire was split into East and West and the capitol had been moved. Germanic tribes came and invaded and their were weak rulers
What was the name of the eastern part of the Roman Empire that lasted 1,000 years longer than the western part Byzantine
What is the term for the split in Christianity that formed the Roman Catholic and the Orthodox groups Schism
Who was the spiritual and political leader of the Roman Catholic Church The Pope
King of Franks that unified Western Europe by partnering with the Pope to form the Holy Roman Empire Charlemagne
Who were the people from Scandinavia that terrorized Europe during Charlemagne reign. Vikings
Why did European armies fight in the Crusades after not gaining land after nine fights People believed that they could go to heaven no matter what if they fought.
How did the Black Death spread Fleas carried the disease. The fleas were on rats and the rats were on Cargo Ships that went around the world.
About how many people did the Bubounic Plague kill It killed 1/3 of the people
What rebirth in art, learning, and advancements ended the Middle Ages and brought the Modern Era? The Renaissance
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