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Acient India

Indus valley A river valley where one of the earliest civilizations began
Himalayan Mountains A highest mountain range on the northern Indian border
Hindu Kush A mountain range that stretches along the northern boarder of the Indus Valley
Monsoon A seasonal wind pattern that causes wet and dry seasons
Subcontinent A large land mass smaller than a continent, such as India
Atman The innermost essence of an individual: the soul
Hinduism The main religion of India: teaches that everything is part of a universal spirit called Brahman
Karma That affects that go to bad actions have on the person soul
Reincarnation The belief that souls are born and reborn many times
Vedas The earliest Hindu religious text
Brahmin This social level that includes priests
Kshatriyas The social level that includes rulers and warriors
Vaisya The social level That includes farmers, craftspeople, and mechanist
Sudra The social level that includes laborers and servants
Varnas The four social divisions in indian society
Buddha "The Enlightened One" who founded the Buddhist religion
Eightfold Path Eight things a person must do to reach nirvana
Four Nobel Truths The four beliefs that are the most important Buddhist
Meditation Deep continued thought that focuses on spiritual ideas
Nirvana A state of perfect peace
Astronomy The study of stars and planets
Hindu-Arabic numerals The number system we use today
Inoculation Injecting someone with a small dose of a virus to help him or her build up defense to a disease
Metallurgy The science of working with metals
Sanskrit The most important language of ancient India
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