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CPC Study Guide CPT

Numbers, Surgical Procedures and Conditions

Uni- One Unilateral
Bi- Two Bilateral
Tri- Three Triad
Quadr- Four Quadriplegia
Hex- or Sex- Six Hexose
Diplo- Double Diplopia (Double Vision)
-centesis Puncture a cavity to remove fluid Amniocentesis
-ectomy Surgical Removal (Excision) Appendectomy
-ostomy New Permenant Opening Colostomy
-otomy Cutting Into (Incision) Tracheotomy
-orrhapy Surgical Repair/Suture Herniorrpahy
-opexy Surgical Fixation Nephropexy
-oplasty Surgical Repair Rhinoplasty
-otripsy Crushing/Destroying Lithotripsy
ambi- Both Ambidextrous
aniso- Unequal Anisocoria
dys- bad, painful, difficult dysphoria
eu- good, normal euthanasia
hetero- different heterogeneous
homo- same homogenaous
hyper- excessive, above hypergastric
hypo- deficient, below hypogastric
iso- equal, same isotonic
mal- bad, poor malaise
megalo- large megalocardia
-algia pain neuralgia
-asthenia weakness myasthenia
-emia blood anemia
-iasis condition of amebiasis
-itis inflammation appendicitis
-lysis destruction, breakdown hemolysis
-lytic destroy, breakdown hemolytic
-oid like lipoid
-oma tumor carcinoma
-opathy disease of arthropathy
-orrhagia hemorrhage menorrhagia
-orrhea flow or discharge amenorrhea
-osis abnormal condition of tuberculosis
-paresis weakness hemiparesis
-plasia growth hyperplasia
-plegia paralysis paraplegia
-pnea breathing apnea
Mono- One Monocyte
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