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Ancient Rome

What is the order of the social class? Emperor, les patriciens, les plebiens, les soldats, les provinces conquis, les esclaves
Timeline of Rome? les etrusques, la republique, l'empire, chute de l'empire romain
Brief description of les Estrusques? transitions entre les grecques et romains, obsessions avec le mort, art inspire des grecques, provisions pour l'apres-vie
Alex vs Ceaser? habile cavalier: Beast-Bucephale, combat en devant, impulsif, discipliner chez ses soldats, bonne relations, Alex n'as jamais perdue, sait comment reagir devant imprevus, Alex destiner a prende le pouvoir
Qui a former le premier triumvirat? Cesaer, Pompei, Crassus
Qui etait le premier empereur? Auguste
Name the economic reasons for the downfall of the roman empire? 1. Too many taxes 2. Economie stability is based on conquering provinces 3. Agriculture doesnt suffice for the entire population
Name the political reasons 1. Too much power 2. Divided empire 3.political instability 4. Corruption
Military reasons 1. Too big of an army 2.Religious movements 3. Foreignors part of the army, telling their country about the Roman tactiques
Social reasons 1.Religious movements 2. lead poisoning 3. corruption
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