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Ancient Greece

First form of civilisation? Crete, Minoens, good agriculture, ahead of the technology, minotor religion
How long were the Olympic games? 7 days. All wars were stopped for the religious games in honneur of Zeus
Why were the games stopped? Roman emperor Theodore condemned the games because they were considered paigen
Main causes of war? Religious wars, territory, political power
Describe the hoplites? soldier with heavy armour, person libre, often called apon to defend land
Phalange? army formation using long spears in rows
Premier guerre mediques? Bataille de marathon. Marathon vs Perse. Marathon gagne, defende Athens, gagne
Deuxieme guerre mediques? Bataille a Salamine. Grecques encourage les perses d'attaquer en l'eau pas profonde,attaques avec les trieres
Forces that united ancient Greece? common ancestors, literature, religion, Olympic games
Forces that divided ancient Greece? city loyaltie, geographic facteurs, different formes of government
Accomplishments of Pericles? reinforments of democracy, embillishement of athens, exterieur politqies: peace treaty with Sparts
Causes of Peloponnese wars? ligue de delos est utiliser pour embelir athens, commerce of corinthe threatended by Athens, sparta scared that athens has to much power
Results of Peloponnese wars? 1. athens gets an aristocrat government, 2. Thebes revoltes 3. Greece weakened 4. Alexander the great takes advantage of their weakness
What is the Acropole? Highest point in the city
What is the Parthenon? Temple dedicated to Athena, made of marble, little pond, statue of Athena, dorique style
Who was Hippocrate? famous Greece docteur
Who was Pythagore? Invented the pythagorium theory
Archimede? Inventeur.
Socrate? enseigne ces eleves de penser pour eux meme. Accuser du corruption du jeunesse, condanmer au mort
Platon Eleve de Socrate. Fonder L'academie a Athenes. Ecrie beaucoup de Socrate
Aristote Eleve de Platon. premier a distinguer la philosophie des sciences. Fonde ca proper universite
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