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Ancient Egypt

What were the uses of the Nile? 1. Agriculture of wheat and Barley 2. Transportation 3. Papyrus, hunting, fishing
Who was the first Pharaoh? Contributions? Menes. Reunited all of Egypt.
Evolution of the pyramids? Fause, Mastaba, Pyramide a degree, recouverte
Process of mummification? 1. Procession in the streets. 2. 70 days: organs removed,40 days: natron, bandettes de lin 3. Funerel: cross the nil with body, tomb is sealed with provisions 4. Appears before Osiris, feather test, negative confessions,innocent: champs d'ialou
Differences in religion? Multiple gods, only priest are aloud in temple, different sacraments, possessions for after life,
How come the 10 plagues of Egypt happened? Ramses refused to free the jewish slaves, Moses promised malfortune
What really caused the 10 plagues of Egypt? Volcano in Greece.
Social Structure of Egypt? Pharoah, Vizir, Pretres, Scribes, Artisans,Soldats, Paysans, Esclaves
When did the prehistoric age end? Writing
Who and when discovered the Rosetta Stone? 1799, Napolean
3 different writing styles on Rosetta Stone? Hieroglyphics, Greece, Demotique
Important gods? Osiris, Isis, Horus, Amon
Who was the architect for the pyramids? Imhotep
Who was Hatchepsout? First female ruler, dressed like a man, years of prosperity
Touthmosis? "Napoleon Egypt", excessive military campaign, best army
Ramses II? big constructeur, Abou Simbel
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