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The ability of the body to maintain equilibrium or "steady state" is called homeostasis
What does NPO mean? nothing by mouth
Which of the following is a suffix oxia
Inflammation of a vein is phlebitis
CBC is an abbreviation for complete blood count
Which of the follow terms means muscle pain myalgia
The word root "erythro" mean red
The abbreviation PT stands for prothrombin time
What word means "controlling blood flow hemeostasis
In the clinical laboratory, the abbreviation CSF is used for cerbrospinal fluid
In which instance could an electrical shock to a patient most likely occur touching electrical equipment while drawing a patient's blood
Which is not true of disinfectants? Disinfectants are safe to use on human skin
If a health care provider is in an area of the health care facility where a fire stars, she or he should first pull the lever in the fire alarm box
What are the major principles of self-protection from radiation exposure time, distance, shielding
Primum no nocere comes from the Hippocratic oath first do no harm
What does the National Fire Protection association (NFPA) codeword RACE mean? Rescue, alarm, confine, extinguish
Disinfectants are chemicals that are used to remove or kill pathogenic microorganisms
If an electrical accident occurs involving electrical shock to an employee or a patient, the first thing that the health care worker should do is shut off electrical power
airborne precautions require the phlebotomist to wear an N95 respirator
it is important for the phlebotomist to visually inspect the needle tip before inserting it in a patient's vein check the needle for an imperfections that might damage the patient's arm
which of the following is a required characteristic of a sharps container? all of the above-bright red, leak proof and puncture resistant, marked with a biohazard symbol
The first step in giving mouth to mouth resuscitation is to determine whether the victim is conscious by gently shaking the victim and yelling "Are you ok?"
If a chemical is spilled onto a health care worker, she or he should first rinse the area with water
For safety in the health care facility, which of the following should not occur? liquid wast should be discarded rapidly
mixing equipment from different manufacturers can result in all of the above-improper needle fit, needle coming unscrewed, tubes popping off
why are gauze pads rather than cotton balls considered a better choice for covering the site while holding pressure following venipuncture? cotton fibers tend to stick to the site
the evacuated tube system requires an evacuated sample tube, a plastic adapter, and a double-pointed needle
identify the tubes to collect a complete blood count, partial thromboplastin time, and STAT potassium by color and in the proper order of collection for a multi-tube draw light blue, green, lavender
an acceptable blood smear has a feathered uniform edge
for newborns, the penetration dept of lancets for blood collection must be 2.4 or less
blood collected in a red stopper tube yields serum and clotted red cells
which of the following is a commonly used intravenous device that is sometimes used in the collection of blood from patients who are difficult to collect blood by conventional methods butterfly needle
all of the following tube stopper colors indicate the presence (or absence) and type of additive in the tube except royal blue
proper finger puncture technique includes all of the following except puncture parallel to the whorls of the fingerprint
which of the following procedures doesn't require cleansing the blood collection site with providone-iodine solution therapeutic drug monitoring collection
what do you do if the patient's physician is in the room and the specimen is ordered STAT/ politely introduce yourself, explain why you are there, and ask permission to proceed
in which instance is the needle recapping recommended recapping is never recommended procedure
The following test have all been ordered at the same time on different inpatients. There is only one phlebotomist on duty. which test should be collected first STAT electrolytes in the ER
you need to collect blood cultures, a gray top, and a lavender top on an adult with difficult veins, which specimens can be collected by skin puncture gray top and lavender top only
which of the following is true concerning skin puncture on an infant compared with the dorsal hand venipuncture procedure? hemolysis occurs more often
it is not a good idea to collect a cbc specimen from a screaming infant because wbc may be falsely elevated
why should a laboratory report form indicate the fact that a specimen has been collected by skin puncture some test results may vary depending on the source of the specimen
which of the following analytes is significantly increased in the blood with changes in position iron
a vein may collapse because the any of the above-tourniquet is applied too tightly, tourniquet is too close to the venipuncture site, tube vacuum is too much for the size of the vein
you have no choice but to draw a specimen from a site with a hematoma. where should you obtain the specimen distal to the hematoma
identification of an inpatient can best be accomplished by which of the following number on the hospital bracelet and verbal confirmation from the patient
a phlebotomist has attempted twice to draw a partial thromboplastin time on a patient with difficult veins. Both times the phlebotomist has been able to draw only a partial tube. What should the phlebotomist do? have another phlebotomist attempt to draw the specimen
where should the tourniquet be placed on the patient during the venipuncture procedure 3 in above the venipuncture site
you may have to be careful about what type of equipment is brought into the room if a patient is severely allergic to latex
excessive or blind probing for a vein can cause nerve damage
if a blood collection site continues to bleed after 5 minutes notify the patient's physician or nurse
when collecting blood in a syringe, blood should be place in the specimen tubes in the correct order to minimize contamination or clotting, the recommended order is blood culture tubes, coagulation tubes, other anticoagulated tubes, tubes without anticoagulant additives
a phlebotomist must collect a hemoglobin on a patient in the intensive care unit. There is an IV in the patient's left arm. There is no suitable antecubital vein in the right arm. What should the phlebotomist do collect the specimen by skin puncture of a finger of the right hand
what is the advantage of using a butterfly butterflies make it easier to draw difficult veins
a vein that feels hard and cord-like and lacks resilency may be thrombosed
normal adult blood volume is 70 mL per kilogram, you weigh 130 lbs. what should your blood volume be 4.1 L
if room temperature is 77 degrees, what is the temperature in centigrade 25
a blood culture bottle containing 45 mL of media require a 1:10 dilution of specimen. How much blood should be added 5 mL
one teaspoon is approximnately 5 mL
your requisition says that a specimen is to be drawn at 15:30. what time would that be in a 12 hr time 3:30
if a red blood cell is 8 um in diameter, what its size in millimeters .008
what does 2.2 pounds equal in the metric system 1 kg
200 ul is equal to 0.2 mL
10cc of blood equals approximately 10 mL of blood
1.2 kc is equal to how many grams 1200
a test requires 3 mL serum. The laboratory requires that the amount of blood collected be 250% of the volume of specimen required to perform the test. Which size tube should you use to collect the specimen 10 mL
normal infant blood volume is 100 mL per kilogram. calculate the approximate blood volume of a baby who weighs 6 lbs 270 mL
to prepare 100 mL of a 1:10 of bleach, add 10 mL bleach to 90 mL water
one inch is equivalent to 2.54 cm
the civilian equivalent of 1448 2:48 pm
In the metric system, a millimeter is 1/1000 meter
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